Zoook ZB-Rocker Thunder Plus – Review | Portable But Party Capable?

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So this is not the first time I have been handed an audio equipment package and been asked to let my thoughts about it. However, it is a different experience every time. This time, it is the Zoook ZB-Rocker Thunder Plus, a portable enough speaker which is claimed to be party capable. But before we get into the details, let us talk about how it looks.

As soon as you pop open the box, you see some packaging material. Rip them apart and you can easily slide out the speaker which weighs around 3.5 kilograms out of the box. Additionally, you get a micro USB cable, a 3.5mm to 3.5mm auxiliary cable, a small remote and a wireless handheld mic. Why the mic we will get back to that later? getting out the speaker out of the box was easy as Zoook had added grab handles on all four corners of the speaker which makes sense considering it is a portable speaker.

The design of the Rocker Thunder Plus is pretty eye-catching. The top is where the control panel is. A big round volume button which also doubles as the power button. For the buttons, you are greeted with a mode button for switching between various modes, the usual play/pause, previous and next buttons. A 3.5mm input for line-in, a USB drive slot, a TF card slot, charging confirmation LED, a switch to toggle between the LED lighting on and off and a small LCD seven-segment blue display for displaying the modes. Overall, you get everything on the top which you would require to control the speaker with. The front looks quite impressive with its huge speaker mesh grills which cover the 6.5mm drivers inside. In the middle, you can see a ZOOOK logo which lights up blue once you switch on the speaker. Taking a closer look, you will notice that the drivers which have a glossy silver finish on them.

You select the preferred mode via the mode button. I connected via Bluetooth and it paired very easily. The 40mm output of the speaker is sent via the 6.5-inch drivers. The sound quality is decent and loud enough to fill a mid-sized room. However, the speaker lacks bass which is a base requirement these days. Even the treble at high volumes is weak. What is good about this speaker is the clarity in the mids and vocals which is clear and audible and good. The speaker has spent a good amount of time connected to my TV while I was watching the second season of Sacred Games continuously. The dialogues very clear which gave me a good listening experience. You can also play music and switch on the multi-colour LED light which then goes along with the music, good enough for a party environment. The battery life of the speakers is not very long and it does about after 4 hours of continuous music playback. Charging times depending on the type of charger used. I had the review unit plugged in for most of the times as I was busy enjoying the season. You can also choose from USB input, Aux input, TF card input. FM is included too so you can listen to the radio.

The Zoook ZB – Thunder Rocker is a decent performer. However, It is more clear with the vocals rather than bass. If you listen to a lot of bass-heavy and expect a lot of lower frequency reproduction, you will be a bit disappointed. However, I found the vocals very clear and loud, which made me pair the speaker with my TV and watched the entire season of Sacred Games. I was left with a pretty good experience as I could listen to the dialogues very clearly. It is capable of all sources like Aux, TF card and USB drive. Add FM playback to the list.

The main concern for the speaker is the battery backup. It takes nearly 3-4 hours for charging using a normal micro USB port charger. However, the playback time was not very long before the battery died. I wish they added a larger battery as it is a party speaker and no one like the music to stop while at a party.

So, coming down to the verdict, is it worth buying? If you are looking for a decent portable party speaker, then you can have this one in your list. For day to day use, some music playback and enjoying the content, this speaker is more than enough for a medium-sized room. Considering its price point of sub Rs. 4000/-, I think it does justice to the performance.

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