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A Yral product GIST :
A content engine to let the users know the summary of content and extracting its exact meaning along with
passing the main relevant information of any article and linking them to other articles. GIST works on Artificial Intelligence and certainly points at a futuristic approach.

GIST was conceived in San Francison and Mumbai as an idea to improve the content experience across publishers. Aside from AdTech products, technology available to publishers remains archaic. Gist brings a Data Driven  approach to planning, managing and serving content to users to make a better experience.

What does GIST do?
GIST is built to:
a) Source the most relevant trending content across theinternet
b) Rank stories for users based on their interests
c) Summarize articles on the fly
d) Provide relevant hooks to move from article to article
e) Provide VIDEO formats of Articles – Patent Pending Technology

GIST aims at:
a) Serve the best Content first to its users
b) Serve Targeted Content based on a user’s reading History
c) Shorter format of Articles – Gist
d) Audio version of Articles – AudioGist
e) Video format of Articles – created by marrying Images on a story to the text. – VideoGist
f) Intelligent Recommendation Engine

A bit more into GIST:
GIST is aimed at the readers who want to catch up on the latest stories without getting bogged down by long contents. You click on the GIST button on screen and read (or listen) only the summary of the post. It ismainly useful for its ease and mode of usability.

GIST offers a little more than just the headlines to keep the readers informed. It suggests article summary for topics readers like to follow. Also, complete articles for deeper insights and leisurely reading are also available.

In gist, GIST offers you the flexibility to access a post in 3 formats.

Meet Jaideep Bir, the founder of Yrals and one of the best minds behind the GIST platform. We had a little chitchat on technology and future plans of Yrals¦let\’s read few excerpt of the same: 

E: Hi Jaideep, GIST is an amazing tech platform indeed. Tell us what inspired Yrals to create GIST.
J: We have been working on thecontent recommendation problem for brands ever since the emergence of social media. The idea was to help brands post content to their fans, that was most relevant and engaging. The learning there were that increasingly users prefer Visual Short Form Content to Verbose Text Heavy Articles. The saying An Image is worth a 1000 words never held more true.

We looked at the top content creators in the world from News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sports and Viral Genres and looked at their consumption data. All the data pointed to concise nature of stories increased consumption and engagement.

That is when we started working on GIST a Content Engine that extracts the essence of a long form article and
re purposes it offering it in SHORTER forms, Audio formats or even as a Video to Watch.

E: What exactly accounts for the popularity of GIST? How is it unique from its contemporary technologies?
J: GIST is actually nuanced machine learning technology that learns from its usage patterns. It tracks HOW
MUCH of a story a user read and whether they read the longer or shorter form of a story. It files that away as their preference for that kind of story. It also continually improves how the content is shortened and hence the method is different for a Factual Story Vs an Opinion Piece or an Interview.

On converting the text format to audio there is intelligence built in to learn pronunciation of names and new words. For video, of course there are a lot of complex methodologies ranging from image recognition, identifying images that match license criteria and then stitching them in sync with the story.

E: Among the 8 websites under the GIST brand, which is the most popular and visited by people?
J: Our Top Categories are: Movies, Storygist, SVTracker (which covers Silicon Valley News)

E: Tell us about some of the other apps Yrals created.
J: Yrals has a history of creating innovative Tech. 3 most prolific have been:
a) YralsConnect A Social AdNetwork that was well ahead of its time. Built in 2008, we launched it for brands
in India looking to advertising on social when there were no ads in these networks. So we got users to join our platform, pick their favorite brand campaigns and promote them to friends. We charged the client for each click and shared revenue with our users. This product was a finalist (only one from India) at the FIRST TECHCRUNCH DISRUPT in NY in 2010.
b) MAGII A social media management platform we have used for over 500 brands in the last 3 years. This
product is used by social media teams to plan, create, schedule, get approvals, post and analyse content for their Brand pages on Facebook and Twitter. 
c) SpeedySpeech This was built for a client / partner in NY. This app has been a big success with over 300,000 downloads on the iTunes App Store. Used by Speech Therapists to help their patient / children to practice various speech drills and monitor their progress. It includes Audio Playback and Recording features to help the user understand where they\’re going wrong.

E: So, how techie Jaideep is in his personal life? His favourite gadgets?
J: Jaideep is extremely techie. I have always been a smartphone user since 2000, with my Nokia Communicator 
being the first choice back then which doubled as a micro netbook. I currently use the Moto 360 Smart Watch and am waiting for the launch of One Plus Two. I\’m very big on Home Automation, Drones and Wearables. Spent last year in San Francisco where is at the head of the Maker Movement and am looking forward to 3D printing being part of our daily lives.

E: Looking at the pace technology is moving ahead with, what do you think the need of the hour as far as
technology is concerned?
J: Clearly the world has begun to accept and push the boundaries with AI (Artificial Intelligence). You could
say that\’s what we are trying to do to content teaching a computer to learn human language and cater better content. The world of automation and wearables too is just getting started and awaits that inflection point that iPods and iPhones created for portable music players and phones. The biggest need though is for this
technology to penetrate or be relevant to the mass markets especially in the field of education, health, law
and even politics. It would be great to know what my local MLA or MP just voted for in the House he or she
is elected to. So really we have some ways to go.

E: What\’s next from the innovationpouch of Yrals?
J: Well for now our mission to create large scale Content Buckets that offer users the best experiences across devices. So really the innovation is in the details of perfecting this technology to serve more people better.

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