Why the Pie overtakes the Oreo

Android Pie
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Google updates are always exciting and constantly evolving to make your Android user experience better. After much the mystery around the Android P Google finally revealed the mystery and gave us the new and updated Android Pie. Google officially launched Android Pie and the new update does offer a plethora of new features. We have shortlisted some of the best amongst the lot.

  • Whats better than one? Five!
    Gone are the days when Bluetooth connectivity was limited to the only device. The new Pie update will allow our devices to connect with five devices at the same time and the best part is that it offers seamless switching amongst the five. To tackle the problem that comes with the call, the AI will automatically redirect the call to a device that is capable of handling calls.
  • Remembering everything for everyone
    Now that Pie will be focusing on providing an interactive experience, it will remember your preference for volume on any Bluetooth device you last connected. Talk about a personal assistant that will remember your preference. let the pie take over!
  • Smart Rotate
    Now, this is specifically meant for people who are annoyed by the screen rotation that automatically takes place. Android Pie is capable enough to detect when the phone is turned and the running application requires a landscape mode. A small rotation pop up button will appear on the far right side of the navigation bar which will lock the app to landscape mode. To unlock the same app, tap on the same icon and the phone will be back on portrait mode.
  • An app insight
    The increasing advertisements have turned out to be a menace. There are instances when we are running an application on our smartphones and another random unrelated application pops up its notification. For all, I know it is rather frustrating and on a rise. The new update that comes with Pie will show you which are the annoying applications and it will show a detailed history of the last 7 days.
  • The intelligent analysis
    Some of the application on our smartphones are used rarely but due to their rare use, we cannot even uninstall them. But the annoying part is the constant notification that the application shows. Android Pie will show study which are the notifications you frequently swipe away and show an option which will allow you to switch off the notification itself.
  • Accessing the new help
    Google has focused on making the user interface easier and hence the result gives us the new accessibility menu. If the new Accessibility menu is enabled it will show up in the navigation bar. The accessibility menu will include most of the options featuring Google Assistant, opening the app switcher, pulling down the quick settings/notification shade, taking screenshots, and more.
  • Lock the Face and Finger
    When Android P came out initially we were all aware of the new screenshot option that appeared with power off and restarts option. Turns out Google has added an option to that feature to secure your smartphone. The Lockdown mode that will be present along with the rest of the options. The Lockdown mode will immediately exit out of the lock screen, hide all your current notifications, and the limelight of this feature how it implements the old school trick of passcode or unlock pattern to unlock the phone. While many may refrain from using the option, it is very useful in case of theft or security options.

These were just some of the leading features that comes with the Pie. Stay tuned for the in-depth analysis of Android Pie.

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