WhatsApp Data Leaked: Beware Of Virtual Stalkers

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After Facebook, Aadhar Card and Board exam papers, now there is a new entry to our data leakage club. It’s none other than WhatsApp. Now many of us are totally dependent on WhatsApp when it comes to messaging. In fact, the popularity of WhatsApp has reached to a level where it is also used for official purposes.

So, in this case, if we get to know that all our personal data i.e. messages, audio recordings, online activity etc. can be tracked just by installing an app… will you be freaked or will you feel betrayed? Then put yourself together, because it is happening! A recent report claims that a new app dubbed Chatwatch is reportedly tracking a user’s chat activity on Facebook-owned WhatsApp.

This app gives anybody the power to get to know when you’re readily available to talk and if you have read the message, even if you have disabled read receipts and last seen. “Using this data, the app can tell you how often your friends check WhatsApp. It can even estimate what time they go to sleep and wake up each day,” tech website LifeHacker reported.

Only few days ago, there were major report of the similar mishap with Facebook data leak, that even made its CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologise to all the users and promised that they are trying to fix the mishap.

WhatsApp will soon find a way to block ‘Chatwatch’ that could solve the issue. But by then people will already be done with the intruding part. That leaves all the personal information right out there for everybody to see. Originally launched on iOS devices, Android devices soon took it up and it went on to become viral. Soon the app was removed from the  Apple App Store but the developers are yet working on a web-based version as well.

WhatsApp’s had an end-to-end encryption that made us believe that our data and personal information are secured. But this breaks the trust of the 1.5 billion users around the world. This again raises a question of having a secured online portal where the users can fearlessly use the internet and social media.

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