Whatsapp All Dark & Ready To Dish The Dirt

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The beta version is now reportedly showing the number of times a message has been forwarded. A previous beta had the above-mentioned feature disabled by default specifically version 2.19.87, which adds awaited features. The new beta update seems to have enabled the message forward info feature as well as up for a healthier lifestyle. Scroll through to know how it gets detailed and darker.

Been Forwarding messages more than four times?

If you have received a forwarded message that has been sent to multiple users, you cannot check the number of times it has been forwarded. Additionally, the ‘frequently forwarded’ tag which was spotted recently for messages that have been forwarded more than four times is nowhere to be seen in the latest beta build. After being noticed as “deactivated by default” in the beta version a week ago, the WhatsApp beta 2.19.87 update finally enabled messaging information.


WhatsApp is the new “Forwarding Info” feature dish the dirt as it will also display a “frequently forwarded” label. The feature is yet to be rolled out for public use but has already made its way to the beta version of the app.

It can be all Dark

Yes, WhatsApp will soon roll out a dark mode. This mode will be easy on your eyes and battery, making it healthy for you and your phone. Finally, after the dark mode being introduced in YouTube and Chrome for Android also, if you are Xioami smartphone user, with MIUI on it, you can install a black theme from the Mi Theme Store it seems now is the turn for WhatsApp.

But it appears that “Account Information Request” and “Two Factory Authentications” are among the few sub-sections that will not get the dark colour scheme when the dark mode is activated but can change with upcoming beta releases.

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1 Comment

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