What’s inside a Smartphone?

inside a smartphone
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A few decades ago, a cellphone’s main purpose was only to make calls and send SMS. But over the course of time, the technology advanced tremendously and the phones have absorbed functionality making products like Music Player, Gaming console, etc to go extinct. In short, Smartphones today can perform much more complex task than the old-age phones. So how was it possible? What inside the phones that made all the feature possible and that fits perfectly in your palm.

Touch Panel

While the display offers visual feedback, the touch panel is required to register user input to interact with the smartphones.


It is one of the most important part of the smartphone. Not just smartphones, any portable gadgets could not work without a battery.


In order to connect with your laptop for data transfer or to charge your smartphone, a connector is required.


The main purpose of the mobile is to communicate with outside world. It can be through voice or data. Recent smartphones support 4G network including VoLTE.


To navigate and perform all the function, a display is required. It offers a visual feedback when sending a touch input.


Smartphones are packed with minimum one camera on the back. But today’s smartphones do offer a front facing selfie camera to capture your own photo.


In simple terms, a processor is the brain of smartphones. All the task are handled and performed by the processor.


More the RAM, the phone can handle multiple tasks at the same time.


This is where the operating system is stored. Even you can store your personal data.

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