What Are Your Tech Resolution?

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Our digital lives occupy a prominent amount of time. We are always using our smartphones, sitting in front of our laptops to be connected to the digital world. But are we making the best use of it? This has taken a toll at a great extent and there are instances when we are not even aware of it. So with the new year coming up, we decided to list down the tech resolutions that you should take to create a healthy techy life.

Review It Better

Reviews on digital platform play a prominent role in today’s world. We all are constantly hooked on to the reviews, trying to find a product with the best ones online. Yet there are people out there who constantly post pointless reviews which do not describe their experience. Now is the time to change. The least we can do is try to put an authentic review for others to see and use.

Recycle Old Gadgets

Why would you let your old smartphone or a laptop lay dead in your storage? Generating electronic waste prevents it from being used for a better purpose. You can also get it serviced and give it another life by selling it. But letting it lay waste is not going to help anyone. So this year recycle it but do not forget to wipe away your data from your devices.

Stop Trolling 

Trolling is cancer we are all immune to and are also a part of. The internet is full of trolls and we do not need another one. Even if it might seem funny, it can negatively impact someone deeply. With all of us struggling to make the internet a better place, we can start by boycotting trolls and stop trolling others.

Time To Declutter

We are all still receiving emails and newsletters from our favourite joke site from 2002. This has resulted in our mailbox full of spams and unwanted emails piling up and increasing our stress. Why don’t we take the step we were always lazy to do so. Unsubscribe from all the emails and clear up space. This will enhance your devices and make sure it runs smoothly.

Limit Screen Time

Screen time is the new fad in the world of smartphones. All the smartphone producers are introducing screen time to create awareness. We can utilise the screen time option to identify where we are spending most of our time and invest it in doing something more constructive and productive.

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1 Comment

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