Video: Corning’s Touchscreen interactive glass displays, the future is almost here

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Have you ever wondered how technology becomes a standard? Answer to this and most of the world’s technological advancements is – Time! Ever wondered why did a large touch screen phone (IBM Simon) fail miserably in 1994? Technology works on the “right time” phenomena.With touch screens becoming a standard of input, utilised from our phones to elevators to our automobiles, the future will see us interacting via touch responses on various technology enabled glass surfaces.Not long ago, we were using buttons for most of our interactions, but touch screens not only provide crisp displays but also double up as responsive panels for further actions. While it will take us significant advancements (and time) to go gesture-based in the future to come, here is a video by corning – A day made of glass, displaying the potentials of touch screen interactions that could be a standard by 2018.Released back in 2011, it was a time when most were still fiddling around with buttons and touch screens were absolutely pathetic. Remember, resistive touch? Let’s not even think about it! Today’s technology has enabled us to truly dream of a day made of glass. Watch this:What seemed impossible a few year ago could define reality in months to come. Samsung and most other manufacturers have already announced their IOT ideas and Google soon plans to enter your home with their services.Corning could soon bring us interactive glass panels as showcased in the video above. Possibilities in the world of technology are endless (From interactive classrooms to interactive conference halls and beyond), and with the rate of our growth, the next few decades will soon see many such videos become a part of our daily life.

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