How to upload images to Instagram from your PC

How to upload images to Instagram from your PC
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Instagram rolled out an official app for the Windows 10 last year, but there’s one key missing. It doesn’t let you upload images to Instagram from your PC. Also, there’s no way for uploading from the website or any dedicated app for Mac OS X. Trust me, it’s a pain, specifically when you have to share images clicked from a DSLR or a digital camera rather than a smartphone. We might get some update from Instagram in the future, but currently there are two ways to do it! Let’s check them out:



I. The BlueStacks Method

You can easily run your Instagram app for Android on your desktop with the use of free Android emulator Bluestacks App Player.

Step 1: Install the BlueStacks App Player

Download Bluestacks and install it. They will show you a tutorial that can be dismissed by clicking the cross at the top right corner. Select your preferred language and tap the arrow button. Log in using your Google account after you click ‘Continue’. Check the terms of service and if you agree, click ‘OK’. All the other checkboxes are optional, and you don’t need them if you are only using this app for uploading pictures. Tap the Next Arrow, and then fill in your name.

Step 2: Install Instagram

Go to the Google Play Store, search Instagram and then select the official app and after it opens, click ‘Install’. Instagram will then request access to information like location and contact – click ‘Accept’. Further, the Instagram icon will appear under the ‘My Apps’ tab. Click it once to launch it.

Step 3: Start Uploading

Bluestacks will display in the size and shape of a verticallyoriented smartphone. When you sign into your displayed Instagram account it will appear just like it does on the phone. Click on the ‘+’ icon located at the bottom, then select Gallery. Click on the Gallery drop-down menu at the top left, then select ‘Other’, click ‘Pick’ from Windows. After that, choose the image you want to upload, select it and click ‘Open’. Now you will get options to crop that image, add filters and a caption. Once you do all these, share it with your followers.


It’s a pain, specifically when you have to share images clicked from a DSLR or a digital camera rather than a smartphone. 


II. The Dropbox Method

The second way for uploading images from your PC or Mac is through the cloud storage service Dropbox.

Step 1: Get Started

First of all create a Dropbox account, then download and install the Dropbox client software for macOS or Windows. After that, install the Dropbox app for iOS or Android on your smartphone and log in.

Step 2: Sync Images

Drag images from your PC or Mac into your Dropbox folder and it will get synced with the mobile app automatically. Furthermore, open the Dropbox app and click to select it. Tap the arrow located in the top right corner. Then, select ‘Export’ and choose the Instagram app.

Step 3: Add to the Feed

You can now open the Instagram app normally on your phone, and share the image in your favorite filter.

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