Two is better than one: Dual Cameras

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We can say it for sure that dual cameras aren’t just a bit of a fad. Regardless of the fact that some of the best budget phones do not offer dual cameras in the mobile market, such a set of camera has turned out to offer a great performance.

Even when there have been significant advancements and changes today for dual cameras, the future marketing is quite significant. Also, possibly the developments in this area have not touched the skies yet, which is against what many people had expected. So, here comes the question: how many types of dual cameras are available in the market? What usually mounts on the back and front of a mobile phone?

Don’t worry, we will get you out of all your doubts. And that is precisely why we will explain to you further on the different types of dual cameras that come composed in a mobile phone.

Here are the different types of dual cameras

The dual cameras in cell phone is the news; however, they have an aspect of marketing very important stuff, and sometimes, the news is not very significant. The only reason why every latest mobile has a dual camera setup is because every manufacturer’s rival is introducing one. In such a situation, if manufacturers don’t keep themselves updated in the market, then their company may look stagnant.

Given all this, there are several kinds of dual cameras. Some of them are more advantageous or exclusive than others. Let’s take a look at the different types of dual cameras that already exist in the market:

Two separate sensors

Such kind of cameras produce a single image by using two sensors. This is further composed by the color image that captures the image. Then, the black and white image captures another bit. The same image captured by two different sensors have better light and more detailed colors. When you combine the shots, you will get an amazing result. The devices having separate sensors include Huawei P9 and the Honor 8.

3D Cameras

3D cameras have been existing for quite some time now. They can snap 3D images, like how the Honor 6 Plus does. The ideology and technique was something innovative and interesting, yet it was not too beneficial.

Two cameras with different angles

Over here, the wide angle will let you take a photo, which is either more open or closed. It is not easy to modify the angle. The LG G5 lets us take photos with various different focal lengths. Cameras with different angles allow you to perform two different types of photos, like the portrait or landscape mode. The iPhone 7 does the same by generating a single photo, which lets you use the zoom or even alter the angle of the photograph.

The South Korean tech giant, Samsung, has a lot to say with its Galaxy S8. The Qualcomm has worked actively on the camera module, which uses a solution that was used in the Huawei P9. The solution aims to rally the photo on the basis of its brightness and the depth of color. These are the things that you actually look for in a professional photographer.

Cameras with different depth-of-field

You will find two cameras here.The second camera over here will capture a second shot, which will allow you to change the depth of field of your snap. Thus, this will eventually change the point of focus. This isn’t a bad option as such, but it isn’t exactly interesting either. The ZTE Axon cameras makes use of this function.


It is interesting to have cameras with different angles and an optical zoom. In conclusion, dual-camera phones consolidate the process.

In short, they can easily snap two photos at the same time for better clarity.


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