Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey account gets hacked

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Lately, it’s been a trend of CEO’s account getting hacked and we wonder now who is next on the list to follow? If you are a CEO and by any means popular or famous, then be aware probably you could be next.  OurMine Security is behind the hacking business and is hungry for more.This time, around the victim who was embarrassed, was Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey. Joining the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai, it looks like high profile tech bosses are on the radar. The irony lies in the way how the hackers gained access, through Vine which is owned by Twitter itself. Damn! What a move? Hack the CEO’s account through his own source. Other links used to hack by cyber attackers are Quora and Bitly.The group took over his Vine account sharing the content to his Twitter feed and posted several video clips, as well as a tweet reading: “Hey, it’s OurMine, we are testing your security” with a link to its website. 

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