Truecaller app Flash Messaging Feature Announced on iOS

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Truecaller app Flash Messaging Service has been rolled out for the iOS users. Earlier, we received an update of Truecaller 8 where the app announced the feature only for Android users. Flash Messaging on Truecaller app is actually a feature that enabled you to send quick pre-defined messages to any other users. Whether you want to send messages like you are on your way, to things like sending your location in distress.

The Flash Messaging Service feature works efficiently and fast proving reliability to the users. There will be a lightning bolt icon on the Contact list in the Truecaller app. Just tap on that contact list icon. After that, you will get different pre-defined messages for instance; Emoji, questions or you can type a message and also send it to the other users. He or she will then receive a flash message which will look like they are getting an incoming call from us. The notification will keep flashing for 60 seconds on the mobile screen. After that, it will show as a missed flash message.

Truecaller has been doing a couple of partnership to boost the company’s name in India. Along with this, the Truecaller app came up with Truecaller 8 which introduced us with features like Google Duo integration, Truecaller Pay, including Flash Message, and more. The partnership with ICICI Bank and Airtel is only specified to India. However, the latest app update will roll out globally.

Truecaller app version 8 was announced with Google Duo. It claims that Google Duo integration was launched to better the Truecaller app experience. This new Truecaller app integration with the Google Duo will be available for the iOS and Android users as permission-based service anytime soon. The app users will now be having the choice to opt-in and out anytime according to their wish.

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1 Comment

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