7 Must-Have Travel Apps If You Are Travelling Solo!

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Technology has always been a boon for a wanderer as it plays a huge role in travelling without- depending on anyone. There are many things that weren’t possible or were very tough a few years ago, but now, it is right there on the tip of your finger. Whether it is for booking a flight ticket for your next trip or check-in to a hotel nearby or even if you want a medical emergency in an unknown place – tech has freed us from all the worries. Independent travellers have their journey sorted in their pocket with an array of handy apps on their smartphones to make life on the road a bit easier. Here is our pick of unique travel apps that you should definitely be your wandering partner.

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It helps you to track your flight live where you can watch the plane around the world in real time. The highlight of the app would be features like Augmented Reality View and it identifies the planes flying overhead when you point your phone’s camera at in the sky. This app also helps to investigate aviation incidents by providing information received through a worldwide network. Available on: Free on iOS and Android with a paid upgrade options for additional features.


The world is so vast that it is difficult to know popular spots of every new place you visit. Hence the Hitlist app comes into the picture. It organises the expanding list of destinations, allows you to share the pictures with your friends and also scans airfares to let you know when ticket prices to the locations on your list, drop. And whenever the list drops it says “I can’t go at this price”. Isn’t that cool? Available on: Free on iOS and Android.

3.Google Translate

This one app is so popular that everyone must have gone through it at least once. It supports 103 languages and translates to your preferred language almost instantly. Of those 103, 59 can be downloaded for access even when you don’t have a data connection. The best feature is that we can take a snap using the phone’s camera –and it gives an augmented reality translation of 38 languages which is helpful when you have menus, signs, and even magazines or books of an unknown language. Available on: Free on iOS and Android.


Always worried about your travel expenses? Don’t worry, TravelBank is here create a budget for your trip based on the actual travel costs. You can also use the app to book the flight and the hotel and also keep a track of your expenses. It comes with a cheaper alternative like taking the subway rather than cabs or flying coach instead of business. At the end of the trip, you file an expense report through the app. Available on: Free on iOS and Android.


Whether you are in an unknown place or not, searching for a restroom can be a task. And you’ve got to go when you’re on the go, this restroom-searching app can be the lifesaver. This app has the information about more than 100,000 public restrooms and can pinpoint the nearest to your location. But the best feature would be that these bathrooms come with a rating and says ‘Sit’ – if it is clean, or ‘Squat’ – if it’s not. We can also rate these washrooms and add new ones to the database and can be searched by location. Available on: Free on iOS and Android.


Packing your luggage almost kills the thrills of the trip. What if we said that someone could make that list for you. Yes. You just have to input your destination and travel dates and the app acupoint’ will create a list of things required according to the weather of the place. You are also asked to give the details of the plan and it will make suggestions based on that. Available on: Free on iOS and Android.

7.Night Sky

Are you someone who loves lying on the grass at night, watching the stars glow? If yes. Then this app is perfect for you! It identifies stars, planets, constellations, satellites by simply holding your phones to the sky using the Night Sky app. This app works even if you are indoors, eating your dinner along with a lot of articles about stars and sky world. Available on: Free on iOS and Android with paid upgrade options for additional features.

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