Top Windows Programs Which Are Alternatives To Mac OS Apps

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There is no denying the fact that Mac OS users have a lot of useful and easy to use applications which enhances the total overall user experience. However, most of their useful application cannot make their way into cross platforms and different operating system. In case of a user migrating from Mac OS, he/she will surely observe a few niggles or not feel at home completely. Not only this, the programs which are listed provide a smooth and early user interface and easy operability. Listed below are the useful programs for windows which you could download as an alternative to the Mac OS applications.

1. Seer – An alternate to Preview



One of the most useful functions on the Mac OS is the preview function. One can simply press the space button and see the preview of any file, without having to open the file in its respective application. Seer is a program for windows which exactly supports the similar kind of file preview. A free version of the program can be downloaded from their website while one can get a paid version as well. Seer has support for multiple file types and can show previews of video, audio, text, image and pdf to name a few.

2. Duplicati – An alternate to Time Machine

Duplicati-Time Machine

Mac OS’s backup solution for their computers is the Time Machine. It allows users to create and store a complete backup of their current operating system and software. If you are using a Windows computer, you will need a secure backup solution as you cannot rely on Windows System Restore to get back to the original state of the computer which was existent before the failure. Duplicati is a free open source application which will allow you to manage and backup your sensitive data in case of any mishappening. You can make both manual and allow automatic backup too and encrypt the information whenever needed. Not only this, but it also allows you to access it remotely from the web or your mobile application and can automatically upload the backups to your cloud storage as well.

3. Rocket Dock – An alternative to Dock

Rocket Dock



We all know the small dock which sits right at the bottom of the screen on a Mac OS. It is the application shortcut dock which allows you to launch the programs with a single click. However, the bottom part of the screen of a windows pc would have the start menu and the taskbar. Rocket Dock is an application which allows you to place a dock, similar to the one on Mac OS on your desktop/laptop. You can drag and drop application shortcuts in the Rocket Dock and single click to access the program. It is not something very different, but it would be appreciated by those who see the Dock missing from their computer screens.

4. Greenshot – An alternative to Grab


Greenshot is a very good alternate for Grab on Mac OS. As we can make it from the nomenclature itself, it allows users to get screen grabs on the desktop with just a press of keys. It also allows the user to open and edit the image in the desired application or save it in the directory. You can also select a certain part of the screen and screen grab only the selected areas. This is helpful for people who like to take quick references while working instead of writing it down or just collect useful data.

5. Geek Uninstaller – An alternative to App Cleaner

Geek Unistaller - App Cleaner


Geek installer is the right alternative to Mac OS’s App Cleaner. On the Windows platform, it could be a little clumsy to go to control panel and then uninstall the unnecessary applications one by one. When uninstalling programs on a computer, remnants of the program still remain on your computer. This is the same case with both Windows and Mac OS. Geek Uninstaller will allow you to first uninstall a program manually. It will then scan for any remianing files, logs or cache that the program las left behind. Not only this, it will also remove the registry entry of the program cleaning it from your computer completely.

6. Media Monkey – An alternative to iTunes

Media Monkey


Media Monkey is a windows application which is similar to iTunes on Mac OS. You can sync your music and browse through while playing music. It has all the fancy bells and whistles and can also manage your libraries and podcasts. It also has the support to sync and transfer music with iPods and iPhones as well. However, this has a twist. Apple, just a few days back at their WWDC 2019, announced the end of the iTunes. Apple has now separated music, tv and podcast and has different applications of the same. 7. Skype – An alternative to Facetime Skype is probably one of the most commonly known programs for video chats. It sure has its reputation and can be used free of cost. It allows you to text, voice chat and video chat. You can also make calls to a phone via Skype but it is a paid feature. Skype is available for all major platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux as well as Android, iOS, Xbox one to name a few allowing you maximum cross-platform usability and connectivity.

8. Hitfilm – An alternative to Final Cut Pro

HitFilm Pro


If you are into video editing and use a Mac system, there are high chances that you use Final Cut Pro or FCP as we know it. It is mainly used by filmmakers and video editors. A switch to windows can bring it crashing down as this brilliant editing tool does not come for any other platform. It is a one-time purchase application and is available through Apple’s website. The best alternatives for Windows are Adobe Premiere Pro or Vegar Pro, both of which are paid and expensive applications. Hitfilm is a movie editing suite which can be downloaded free from their website. It allows exploring your creativity and is also loaded with different effects, transitions etc for video editing. Not only this, but you can also upgrade the application with a nominal fee and get full benefits and updates for an entire year without having to go through subscriptions.

To sum up, most of the applications developed these days are cross-platform and are can run on Mac as well as Windows. Programs like VLC media player, Spotify, Google Chrome, Onenote and Evernote etc run easily on your existing plartforms. So it is highly unlikely that you will have any problems finding your favourite apps in case you make a change in your operating system platform. But since few programs are not really available, alternatives which suit the best can be used to fill in the gap.

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