Tom Clancy’s The Division – Almost Perfect

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PlatformsPlayStation 4, Xbox One and PCPriceRs.3,499 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Rs.1,799 for PCPublisherUbisoftReviewed onPlayStation 4First impressionThe stage for a grand entry was set at E3 2013 where the world saw an astonishing trailer of The Division. That first trailer set the bar for this game and after numerous delays, The Division is out. When the beta was out earlier this year, we got the first look at the game’s glorious open world and mechanism. Post release, The Division has become the best-selling new game franchise and we take a look why.Reviewtctd-video-season_pass_trailer-712x712_Desktop_241973The Division is a shooter-RPG open world with an addictive progression and loot system. New York City is in crisis with a deadly virus affecting anything that moves. You are part of a special unit that has to restore order by investigating the source. The outbreak has wiped out most of mankind and we are left with only a handful of survivors. Some of them wander streets harmlessly, while some are dangerous and are part of various paramilitary organisations that we must fight to gradually gain control over the city.The main task you are assigned with is to build your Base of Operations which comprises of Security, Tech and Medical wings. To establish each wing, the game comes up with a lot of content. From main to side missions and lot of other activities, The Division has a lot to offer. The rewarding system of The Division is fantastic, and that equips with everything you need to take back New York City.As your base progresses, so does your character. As you complete missions, your character traits develop. There are two ability slots to use sticky bombs or health related skills. The progression system in the game is the strength of The Division. It keeps you glued to your console for hours. The Division also gives to the chance to invite players to support your mission. Gunning down rogues with a partner is fun, but main missions are best when done solo. Matchmaking and group management is confusing at first, but nothing that a few game hours can’t solve. The game does not reward players who go out all guns blazing, and that makes it a really good game. It is important that you are tactically astute while carrying out certain missions. Crouching and changing positions is important to not get caught in hostile gunfire. Ubisoft Massive has done a brilliant job with the combat mechanics. The other impressive thing about the game is the weapons it offers. You can mod and upgrade an assault rifle to improve accuracy and power and really make it your own. You can also collect plenty of loot during and after missions. Every time you gun down an enemy, you can collect some gear or ammo or health packs. Remember, this loot is very important as The Division is a very challenging 3/4/2016 , 3:54:21 AM Tom Clancy's The Division - Official Cinematic TV Spot [US] - YouTube - Google ChromeThe Dark Zone is the place where the game offers PvP. Agents can go head to head here. It also gives you an opportunity to grab rare loot that you will not find anywhere else in the map. You can extract that loot by calling in a chopper, but that gives other agents an opportunity to finish you off and walk away with the loot instead.The Division is a fantastic game visually. The deserted New York City is a spectacle. The city is decorated and bright as it is Christmas season, but abandoned and dull at the same due to the outbreak. Despite hue and cry over downgraded graphics, there is not much one can complain about. The game has a few notable bugs that are expected in a game of this magnitude. At one instance, the character was trapped behind a door and there was no way out except bombing yourself and respawning at a different location. Having said that, these bugs were not encountered often enough to ruin the wonderful experience this game offers.VerdictThe Division is the best game we have played this year. Ubisoft Massive has taken its time, but has delivered a gem. Albeit a few issues, the game is fantastic both technically and visually. With plenty of content and modes, The Division will excite every player and it is one game you should definitely spend money on.

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