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First Impression

It has been 10 years since we saw the last offering of Thief. Gaming has evolved to a different level in that period. Thief: Deadly Shadows, acted as an inspiration for all stealth games thereafter.

The game went from Looking Glass Studios to Ion Storm and finally the reins were picked up by Eidos Montreal. The game is based on stealth and sneaking around enemies makes the game really interesting. The duration between Thief: Deadly Shadows and this one, has added to the anticipation of gamers. The game was out on the 28th of March, and luckily we got our hands on one of the review copies.


Garrett, the Master Thief, returns to the sickly city. This time he isn\’t alone. His partner, Erin, falls prey to a mysterious, cosmic energy during a thieving mission. Garrett is knocked out too and the after effects of that are felt during the rest of the game. Garrett wakes up a year later and sets out on a mission to find his missing partner and unanswered questions.

As Garrett, you move around the city pocketing everything that shines. He is blessed with a weird power called focus. Focus allows him to perform certain actions faster; however, he only has a limited amount to use. Whatever you steal can be exchanged.

Garrett has many types of equipment to help complete his tasks. Garrett can also sprint and use context-sensitive climbs, slides, and leaps.You can toggle almost anything in the game: turn off elements of the UI, disable specialty items, etc.However, Garrett\’s biggest weapon is the shadow. He has to use the shadows of the city to move around and hide. Guards in the city have sharp ears. There were times when they picked up the slightest movement. In such situation, don\’t bother fighting back. Garrett\’s fighting ability isn\’t good. Most of the times, he will die in a combat with the soldier. He does sprint well though and that can be used to get away. Sprint and hide behind a jar, which will leave the guards confused. Out of sight is out of mind and that works here. After all, this is a stealth game. The lesser the kills, the better it is.


Hardcore gamers should definitely grab a copy soon. After all, it has been a long wait. A few things will disappoint you, but nothing major that can hamper the excitement of playing a classic stealth game like Thief.

Rating : 4/5

PC: ₹ 999

PS4: ₹ 3499

PS3: ₹ 2999

Xbox 360: ₹ 2999

Reviewed By: Ankur J

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