The RED Campaign By Apple- A boon To Mankind Worth Mentioning

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HIV has been an extremely hard battle for the effected and the society as well for a very a long time now. According to data analysis, there was a time when each day over 1200 babies were born with AIDS. December 1st marks the World AIDS day in our calendar and it is a strong reminder to us about how much of a danger the disease is. Apple has always been extremely vocal and proactive in their support for advanced treatment research to help cure AIDS worldwide.

To promote the campaign further, Apple has decided to launch a special fundraiser whereas 1$ of every Apple purchase would be donated to RED. Apple already has a all year round line up of products under RED, where 50% of every RED product purchased is directly sent to the Global fund that manages the healthcare research for various dangerous epidemics. There has been a consistent and marked improvement of healthcare in relation to ailments like Tuberculosis, HIV, malaria and other endemics due to the contribution from Apple alone.

IPhone XR, the latest Apple smartphone is also a part of the RED campaign and the customized red edition is available for purchase. Besides the newly launched iPhone X series, iPhone series 7 and 8 were also a part of RED campaign previously.

When Bono, the lead member of U2 started DATA in 202, his main goal was to eradicate the poverty and despair in Africa. After RED was launched in USA to acquire international funding for DATA in 2006, Apple became one of the key contributors to this benevolent cause.

Currently other than Amazon, Mont Blanc, and Lalou, Apple products in the RED lineup includes the Ipad series, Apple Watches, and Apple Smart battery. The RED special edition products purchased contribute a great deal of monetary benefit to the organization for the smooth running and processing of this huge campaign. Apple’s innovative contribution method has been garnering a lot of praise worldwide and is hoping to continue further over the next few years.

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