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The leonine Ananya

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A lot has changed since Ananya Birla’s debut on the Exhibit cover exactly a year ago, but what hasn’t changed is her undying devotion to music. The aesthete pop sensation revelled in excitement about her latest music, its surging popularity and her plans to keep doing music with total meraki. However, the leonine entrepreneur also owned up the fact that her businesses are kicking some ass, too. While Ananya’s luxe life is aspirational, she is more than just her second name. The unbiddable heiress is carving her own path to the top and one earnest conversation with her is enough to pick that up.

I’ll try to step into the shoes of someone who is very underprivileged to feel what they feel. So when I go back to being Ananya, I will know how to help them. Otherwise, I wouldn’t want to be anyone else. ” 


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RAMESH SOMANI: Ananya, you’re back again on our cover! We definitely have a lot of catching up to do, right?
Ananya Birla: God! So much has happened in the last one year, so definitely, loads of catching up to do. It’s a funny coincidence that we did the cover in April last year and we meet in April this year too. So I guess it’s meant to happen and it’s really sweet of you to have me again!

First things first, how is your music career coming along? Your latest song Hold On went viral and has around 5.8 M views already which is massive!
Thank you so much! Hold On nailed it in the industry, got 5.8 M views in two days and is being streamed extensively. The video turned out really well and we were trending on all the platforms. It is really nice to see such a response. I’m very grateful for all the love from my fans. Currently, we’re working on my next music video. To continue reading pleaselogin or register


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