It’s that time of the year when yet again the best of both worlds – Tech and Fashion – come together to unleash new innovations and create never-failing magic. Courtesy to Exhibit’s tech addiction and love for Fashion, it has brought about the inception of a concept that has never been explored before in India by anybody – Tech Fashion Tour – and the rest is history, a cool one at that.

With its debut in February 2016, TFT aimed to create a one-of-its-kind amalgamation between two massive yet starkly different worldly elements – Technology and Fashion – and in turn celebrate this very amalgamation that, in the recent years, has been making waves all around the world in the Tech and Fashion circuits. As the world started to notice the waves and began celebrating this mélange, the biggest Fashion party of the planet – the Met Gala – with ManusXMachina went ahead to theme the ultimate Fashion gathering of 2016 along the lines of technology. And who is to deny the plethora of brands producing tech wearables? With these and many more developments, TFT sure came to be incepted at the right time.

TFT season 1.0 was a tremendous success and it riveted beautifully to bring out the inception of something very novel. The second season in September was nothing but a bigger and grander version of the predecessor with a night spilling an abundance of glamour. With 3 glamorous and successful seasons, TFT has grown to become one of Exhibit’s most exhilarating and popular properties. TFT Season 4 was the the showo to witness as it became trending online and offline. We are back this October, with the 5th season to take your breath away with big developments and bigger surprises, and treat Fashion and Tech enthusiasts to the most glamorous evening of the year.

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