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TERI MIKO, DJ of the month

Teri Miko, DJ of the month
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Giving up is never an option.


Exhibit: Tell us about your journey?
Teri Miko: It has been a great 8 years of my life. Growing from an upcoming DJ to an established producer obviously required a lot of work, and that’s what I do daily; I still practice a lot, watch a lot of tutorial videos, try to attend a lot of master classes and of course experiment a lot in my production. So, I believe, the key to success and popularity is hard work.

Exhibit: How would you like to describe your style of music?
Teri Miko: It’s pretty simple – bass oriented style of music consisting of Trap, Hip-hop, Dubstep and Bass House.

Exhibit: What do you think about the EDM scene in India and where do you see it heading in the next 5 years?
Teri Miko: I think the EDM scene in India is evolving a lot and the proof is that lots of major EDM festivals are finding their home in India, and all of them are superbly attended. In the next 5 years I definitely see the domination of bass Music and that’s when we Bass DJs and producers will be taking over.

Exhibit: Teri Miko and Tech – what is the relationship like?
Teri Miko: I am a gadget freak when it comes to my daily life and work. I invest a lot in the equipment I use and believe it is a very important aspect in developing as a musician. Better equipment equals better quality and I am always up to date with tech world.

Exhibit: What tech do you own in your own studio?
Teri Miko: I have two separate setups for DJing and production. For DJing, I have a pair of CDJ Nexus 2000 and a DJM 700. For production, I have the latest iMac with all the relevant softwares, VSTS and Plugins that I use for making music, pair of KRK Rokit 5 monitors, sound card and a midi keyboard. Right now, I am considering upgrading my studio and buying the analog synth.

Exhibit: How do you think is digital streaming impacting the way music is reached or heard by listeners?
Teri Miko: I think right now, the digital streaming is the main way of promoting and distributing your music as long as you’re getting a revenue from it. And portals like Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music are heavily used by musicians all over the world.

Exhibit: Describe your dream gig and favourite gig.
Teri Miko: My dream gig would be main stage of Ultra Music Festival in Miami. I think when this will happen, I will do something absolutely crazy like skydiving. And one of my favourite gigs would be VH1 Supersonic 2017 because it was definitely one of the best sets of my DJ career.

Exhibit: What are the best and worst things about being a DJ?
Teri Miko: There are so many good things about being a DJ that we can write a whole new article on it. Traveling, meeting new people, ability to express yourself through music, and of course the enormous amount of love I get from my fans. I will not use the word worst, rather compromising, among them are lack of sleep, the fact that I don’t celebrate major holidays with family and actually pretty less time at home. But I never complain; that’s the life I have chosen.

Exhibit: One piece of learning you have received over the years that you’d like to share with others.
Teri Miko: Giving up is never an option.


  1. One track you think didn’t deserve the attention it got: Skrillex – Stranger
  2. One piece of gadget you can’t live without that’s not your phone or laptop: Headphones, particularly Senheiser
  3. Most unique gadget you’ve come across: Modular Synth
  4. One track on loop right now: Illenium – Crawl outta love
  5. Best piece of advice given to you: Invest in yourself
  6. Concert goers essential: Water and smartphones to capture the moments


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