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Industry: Broadcast mediaSpecialities: Media, Branding, Technology, TransportFounded in: 2015Team strength: 11-50 employeesWebsite: http://www. justapmedia.comJustap is a tech startup aimed at an exclusive new platform towards the Indian Media industry. The app is primarily for tabs in the cab services like Uber and Ola which is aimed to offer the users to stay entertained and updated while on the go. Users can play media content, sitcoms, music, news and lot more. In parallel, geocentric information, exciting offers, events are also showcased on the platform.

About Justap

Justap is a first-of-its-kind app that is exclusively designed and made for the tabs to be installed in the cabs and ride sharing services in India. Justap media features state-of-the-art in-vehicle entertainment systems and complimentary premium content for every taste. In other words, Justap makes sure that when you take the next ride via an Ola or Uber, you are not just getting just a stylish and comfortable ride, but you are also keeping yourself updated with the latest news, sports, offers, hyper local content and also getting entertained with the latest music and videos. Isn’t it a boon when on multi-hour rides, you don’t notice how time flies as you sit back,relax and immerse yourself in a great entertainment with surround sound?

How Justap Media works

Justap has joined hands with key aggregators like Ola and Uber and with radio taxis like Meru and Carzonrent with the determination to change the way people look at Indian Transport sector. Justap Media has implemented a robust and multi-featured app in the 10.1” tablets which are fitted in the backside of headrest of the front seat of these car services. The software platform empowers the engagement and entertainment for the passenger’s on-the-go.Justap is facilitating a new platform to the Indian Media industry, where companies can place their TV and digital content and campaigns to a unique set of people. Justap also provides 100% customer engagement unlike the existing conventional ways of branding.This offers a captive environment to showcase the best and fresh offline and online content to passenger every day. Passengers get options like short films, news, videos, geo-based information and offers, nearby events, city content and many more. Justap has tied up with major MCNs to play the best content to keep passengers engaged and entertained.

Justap is a full package to offer the passengers with these

  • To entertain themselves with a whole world of digital videos (short films, stand-up. comedies, music, spoof, sitcoms, videos on current & trending affairs).
  • Keep them updated with trending & breaking news.
  • To help them find out the events happening around and within the city.
  • To check flight details, book and do webcheck-ins.
  • For a specific look-in at the city specific contents.
  • To explore offers, dine-outs, hangouts, etc.
  • To read from variety of online magazines.
  • To locate their destination and catch the best route on maps.
  • To help them participate on surveys.
  • Offering different contests to win gifts and offers by playing engaging games.

Justap at this moment

Justap is live across 200+ taxi aggregators (Ola, Uber) in Mumbai at present. They will be live across 300+ taxi by the end of Nov 2016 across the country. Justap has major tie ups with leading ad agencies in the country. Recently Justap has participated at a pitch-off event in Mumbai where close to 15 startups had presented their projects and Justap was among the top three selected to participate in their mega event to be held in Feb 2017 at Jaipur.Justap has also been selected in the top 50 startups (out of 1400 startups in total) for GenNEXT hub and is expecting to get full eco system support from GenNext hub and also funding support.


  1. Prahlad Kakkar joins JUSTAP as Advisor/mentor.
  2. Vipesh Agarwal (ex-coo – US ecom) joins as a mentor.
  3. JUSTAP media is been selected for 10k startup by Nasscom.
  4. JUSTAP has been selected by GenNext Hub (an RIL initiative) in the Top 50 startup out of 1400 application.
  5. One major milestone is JUSTAP is the only in-cab entertainment company which has partnership with Uber, TABcab and Eco.
  6. JUSTAP is live across 250 cabs as per their tie-up with Uber&Tab cab and are looking to install in 30000 taxi in the coming year.

We had a chitchat with the founders of Justap Media to have a better glimpse of the scenario the app is creating.

Here are few excerpts:

Exhibit: Hi Sumit, congratulations for coming up with an idea as innovative as Justap. How did you get the concept?Sumit: Thanks!! The idea originated when me and my co-founder was travelling from Town to Powai after a meeting and was stuck in a jam for nearly two hours and adding to chaos my phone battery too died half way and with just repeated songs of pendrive that driver had, we were stuck by boredom. Thats when the discussion came up what if we have something to entertain all the daily commuters who must be stuck in similar situations while on the go and not at the cost of their battery and internet.Exhibit: Wow, that was some really interesting story behind the startup. So, how do you foresee the reaction and acceptance of Indian travellers as far as Justap, the app, is concerned?Harsh: Based on our market trial and the feedback received so far both directly and through social media, the reaction has been extremely positive. Prior to going out to the market in our launch phase, we approached industry leaders in technology, media and advertising to test the waters and their interest boosted our confidence and their advice has been invaluable.Needless to say there were initial teething problems and development points were raised by users, however, with each update to the app we make, we are taking on board the feedback and continuing to make progress to refine the app. The Justap team is dedicated and is working hard to ensure that we can provide the best possible app that is not only aligned with our vision but also with the our clients and thetraveller’s desires and needs.Exhibit: Hi Sumit, tell us about the exclusively of the app for tabs in the cab services – the reason and the upcoming plans.Sumit: Currently our focus for the app is primarily for tabs in the cab services. The reason is partly because for our concept to be most effective, the user should have some time on their hands to be able to absorb the content. The average cab journey in Mumbai is 45 minutes, therefore the traveller is able to absorb more content during this time and utilise the multimedia platform to the maximum capacity.Initially we plan to expand our provision of screens in cabs in Mumbai and then further afield. We also believe we can build strong partnerships with a number of companies and brands who would like to work with us. And we are focussed towards the same at the very moment.Exhibit: What were the biggest challenges you faced with Justap – the idea, the funding and the launch?Sumit: For any startup, I believe even with the most revolutionary idea, one of the biggest challenges that many of us face is around funding. The number of startups looking for funding and the size of funds being requested are both increasing exponentially. However, the funding pool for liquid investment is not growing at the same speed. Therefore, the startup market is extremely competitive. Luckily both my co-founder and I had savings from previous work and both have extremely supportive families who have helped us get started.Another challenge was managing our initial timeline to take us to launch. New to not only the industry but also to Mumbai we had to navigate a number of hurdles, however, we persevered and believed in ourselves. Seeing that first screen being installed in a cab made us forget the darker days in a flash.Exhibit: How do you narrate the success story of Justap as a first-of-its-kind startup?Harsh: Justap is a young growing company that has generated a buzz in the advertising, media and cab industry. I believe that to be able to have an impact on three separate sectors of the Indian business market is unusual and speaks for itself. The story for Justap is currently in the early chapters. However, excitement and intrigue has been created in the market and even I am looking forward to executing the next few chapters and realising the Justap dream!Exhibit: What’s the exclusivity of Justap over any other contemporary service?Sumit: Justap is unique and currently one of leaders in the tabs in cabs sector. Our exclusivity over other companies stems from our desire and ability to build strong partnerships across multiple sectors and industries and our reach to the advertising and media market.Exhibit: Justap app is live across Mumbai. When are you launching the same all over the nation? What are the other plans lined up?Sumit: Our primary focus just now is to develop and expand our reach within Mumbai. We are also in talks with different companies in other parts of India where we plan to expand in 2017.

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