Tech Diva – Zoya Afroz

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exhibit-tech-diva-zoya-afrozGoa just got a lot more hotter than usual as Zoya Afroz, Miss India 2013 and a budding Bollywood actress all of 22 killed it on our Tech Diva throne. Bask in the hotness as she talks about her guilty pleasure, her dream at 40 and of course her tech side.Hey Zoya, what is the quirkiest app on your phone?There are so many. From “Musically” that allows me to make great videos to fun games like “Pokemon go”. I enjoy them all.Tell us about one guilty pleasure.It has to be a chocolate dessert!What can you be found doing when not working?Reading a good book in solitude or hanging out with friends and family.Your go-to fashion trend.I like to wear vibrant colours so if I am confused, I always pick something that is bright and beautiful.Name 3 gadgets you can’t do without.Apart from my phone, it’s Macbook Air and of course, my Bluetooth speaker (so you can party anytime anywhere, haha!)If not a model/actor, then what would you be doing?Acting is one thing I really enjoy doing. I look forward to my work and enjoy the process. So, I couldn’t be doing anything else!Who is your inspiration and why?I think you can always learn something from anyone and everyone you meet in life. So, people who are gentle, kind and ambitious always inspire me.What is your favourite quote?“At your source, there is a field of infinite possibilities”.What do you look for in your ideal man?Sensitivity and a good sense of humour.Zoya in a word.Passionate.exhibit-zoya-october-2016What is the most luxurious product you own?It has to be my house that I bought recently.Best piece of advice given to you.Someone once told me that nature does incredible and beautiful things but yet seems effortless. That’s how you should be.One thing that gets on your nerves.People who are not genuine.Favourite cuisine?Chinese.Zoya at 40. How would life be?Hopefully, fulfilled all my goals, setting the bar higher and dreaming new dreams.What’s the most interesting project you have in hand right now?My upcoming film “Sweetie Desai weds NRI” it was fun to play Sweetie because she is crazy, hyper, sarcastic, fun, sincere and loving all at once.

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