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Technology is both, a boon as well as a disadvantage. International Terrorist organizations today have the capabilities to meet in the open on social networking websites and yet manage to keep their communications secret using encryptions. There is this news around the internet that suggests ISIS has a professional team of six to ten people who provide 24/7 support to their cadets who need help with encoding messages and wish to share information in a clandestine manner. Terrorist organizations manage to infiltrate countries, carry on covert bombings and attacks, and even though these attacks are quite frequent it is difficult to even catch these operation’s shadows. In recent times, the frequency of mass killings and threat from terrorism has surged evidently. The roar of killing in the name sacrifice and purifying the world has gripped every country in the world by its throat. India itself is one of the nations that has seen the rise of terrorism from up close. Recently, the news of disappearing Indian nationals has been an eye-opener for us as to how inveterate are the negative forces in our country. ISIS, which has so far heavily dominated Syria and Iraq, has managed to reach Indian masses with the help of technology. They porch Indian nationals and convince them to follow the path of destruction, and further preach them to be self-righteous about it. The people reported to have gone missing in Kerela, India, were traced to Iran. Which means they left India to join the Islamic State. This is a serious concern.While Terrorist organizations breach normal technological barriers, countries and security forces yearn to outsmart them. Initiatives are taken by countries to better themselves on the technological front for the safety of the people. Let us check out some cool things,concerned techies are working with currently to put a cork on terrorism.3D scans for Buildings and Structures3D scans for Buildings and StructuresTerrorist concentrate their attacks majorly on locations that are expected to accumulate a huge crowd. During attacks a state of panic kicks in, and most of the victims lose their lives only because they aren’t aware of their surroundings enough to take the right step to safety. Post the 2015 attacks in France, the Government there has directed heavy investments towards 3D scanning each and every Private and Public structure so the security forces can act efficiently in a siege like situations. Most terrorist attacks involve hostages taken in by attackers so they can inflict more damage for a longer duration. Using the 3D scans of buildings, security forces can acquaint themselves and prepare better for such situations. A government spoke person from France, stated that it costed them nearly 3,000 to 10,000 Euros per building to obtain a 3D scan of it. This in accordance with CCTV coverage across the cities will make security forces more proactive and allow them to hit the terrorists at the right spot even before they can react.Action against Terrorism on WebThe IS militants and drones that carry out attack operations are provided with short hand military training. Basically most of the terrorists are amateur radicalised youth that have fallen into the dark eco. For them to carry out operations they need constant communications with the elders in the clan that set out a plan for them and they follow it blindly like a Jihadi that they are. These communications are carried outright in the open right under our nose, the only difficulty is that they are encrypted and hence we cannot trace them. But now that Internet giants have joint hands against terrorism, cutting communication lines and isolating the drones is much easier. Facebook is one spot where Terrorists push their agenda and lure the youth into following them. Facebook has taken proper actions, restricting such an act on its platform. They have shutdown many such preachers hence managing to effect the propaganda of terrorism at its root. Even security forces keep a heavy tab on Facebook and other social networks so as to trace threats around the world. In a recent news item, there was an IS militant who posted a picture of himself and his base on Facebook. Ingenuous that he was, he must not have thought how easily the US forces could track him through these images. Less than 24 hours after him posting the images his entire base was destroyed. He was pronounced a ‘Moron’ all over the internet and jokes flew around about how his bragging ended up into his final words.Moving on to other social media portals, Twitter has banned and suspended more than 1,25,000 accounts which directly or indirectly posted Pro-Terrorism content. Terrorist organizations mostly use an app called Telegram to cover their communication with fellow militants. Telegram provides a much faster and secured channel for communication than any other messaging app does. Hence it is difficult to dig through the terrorist communications on this app. But they themselves have sided with anti-terrorist organizations and have shut down many Islamic State propaganda channels. World’s most feared Hacker organization ‘The Anonymous’ have declared a war against ISIS post the Paris attacks. They claim to have prevented many terrorist attacks by leaking plans and cracking their communication channels. Terrorism is an infection that spreads easily through internet’s medium and this needs to be stopped before many others pass on to the wrong side.Technology for Security ForcesEven the most well trained security personals can be intimidated by the cruelty of a terrorist. Their training can only equip them with skills and the more they train the better they get at counter attacking. It is essential that better training models are created to help them tackle the most unexpected situations during the real combat. Immersive computer simulators are the new age training modules for army personals. It offers them a game like interaction where individuals can test their skills and practice on their team work. This is one of the biggest benefactors for Security forces in the war against Terrorism. A group of soldiers are placed in a particular room while they are wearing virtual reality head gears. Each soldier is allotted a particular task to perform while the virtual terrorist attack them in an unexpected manner. The training ranges for a range of different tasks, from driving in rough terrains, to shooting enemies in public places and also involves survival modes. This kind of technology gets the ground troops closest to the real life situation.Technology further enables predicting if an individual is capable of indulging in terrorist activities or not. FAST (Future Attribute Screening Technology) allows authorised personals to check a suspect’s pulse rates and other elements to judge if the person can be a potential threat in future. Accuracy of this technology is the concern. Use of this technology is further avoided for it is morally and ethically wrong to punish somebody for simply falling under the scan of FAST. Maybe in future, after further developments, this can be a worthy piece of tech that can provide accurate information to avoid damage. These can be used at crowded locations, where hundreds can be scanned at once to find the terrorist that bears a potential threat to others. Similarly,scientists use X-Rays to detect if an individual is carrying any weapon on him, under his cloths or luggage, in public. Simply a pair of goggles with scientifically designed glasses can allow this and hence the terrorist can be comprehended before he can act. Such systems are currently placed at major airports around the world. But they cause controversy as well. Civil Rights group stand against the use of such X-Ray devices for they reveal a little too much about a person’s body and leaves him discomforted. Either ways, when needed this technology can prove its worth on special occasions.So let us agree we rely heavily on modern technology to eradicate evil in this world. As important as hand to hand combat is, it is equally important that we continue to take huge leaps in the field of technology to find other ways of tackling terrorism. For all the multiple factions in security forces combined cannot hit terrorism at its roots like the way they can with the help of science and technology. We don’t just need to make use of the available technology to drive terrorists to extinction we instead need new and better ways to educate the ones that are already been corrupted by a radical few. To stop these drones from practicing a proxy war against humanity we need to reach them and bring about change in their mind set. May Technology be with us at every stage to make a difference in this war against terrorism.

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