Taapsee Pannu – Subtly Intriguing & Delightfully Techy

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Taapsee Pannu - Exhibit Magazine March 2017As Taapsee sashayed into the studio, we were amazed by how simple and casual the air around her was and we knew at that time the shoot would have a hassle free approach. What ensued later were a string of sexy poses as Taapsee striked them perfectly, some quick conversations we tried to steal in-between shots and lots of laughter. As we caught a corner to talk, we were in awe of the ease with which she conveyed her unmasked thoughts. Her calm demeanour bowled us over each time and we enjoyed her candidness on her idea of the future, preferences, her journey and a lot of other topics. What presumably seemed like a tiresome shoot that starts at 6 in the evening on a Friday thus turned out to be quite a positivity-packed affair.

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