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Vineet J mehra
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DOT is a facilitator of sustainable mobility solutions from e-bikes to green delivery solutions that serves not just the individuals but also a decent number of corporates. It majorly works towards reducing the carbon footprint for a better environment.

DOT not just an interesting name and a winsome venture but it also supports a cause that is the need of the hour. From E-bike taxis and rental to Eco-friendly Delivery Solutions, DOT gives us major goals towards saving our environment. It is a perfect example of how we can do our bit at the ground zero level and help others join the movement towards a better and progressive future.

Exhibit brings to you an up, close and personal conversation with the magnifico, the founder of DOT, Mr. Vineet J Mehra, revealing his journey from the commencement to the execution of DOT.

EXHIBIT: The concept of DOT is leading-edge. How did this idea bud in your mind?
VINEET: Initially, it was observed that there was a gap in the last mile connectivity for people and packages and to cater to that gap, DOT started E-Bike Taxis for the passengers travelling via mass transit modes like Metros and Buses offering them to and fro transportation to their workplaces safer. During the lean periods, the same E-bikes were used for delivering packages which were cost-effective as compared to the conventional existing modes of logistics.

The concept originated on the PPP model which refers to People, Packages and Promise for a better future with the use of emission-free Electric Vehicles powered by technology.

The services of ‘DOT’ were focused around creating an Eco-System which was electric, safe, cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

EXHIBIT: Tell us about your initial challenges with DOT and experiences gathered?
VINEET: The major challenge was that there was no presence of Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles. We had to create our own charging and parking stations which were capital intensive.

On the course of expansion, another challenge that we came across was that, there was no regulation/policy regarding financing for Electric Vehicles, which was why we had to boot-strap our operations.

The next task was to convince the actual users who would benefit from such use of a breakthrough mode of transportation, thereby cutting down their costs and contributing their share to the Environment.

EXHIBIT: Why DOT – what’s so different in it that sets it apart as a different class?
VINEET: DOT works on a plug and play model and is sector agonistic. We work in B2B space and are not very different from other players in the last mile logistics segment. A major differentiator is that we are highly competitive which is derived from our proprietary technology platforms and electric fleet operations.

EXHIBIT: People have started taking the “Go Green” Initiative rather seriously, do you agree? And do you think your start-up will have an influence people to join the movement?
VINEET: ‘Go Green initiative’ is a global phenomenon and will catch up with all the stakeholders who will be joining this movement. Individuals and businesses are shifting towards using Green and Environment-friendly logistics services, with sustainable developmental goals.

Yes, we at DOT are committed to this revolutionary initiative. In fact, our business is based on all Green platform. In our very brief existence, we have been able to create an ecosystem, based on environment-friendly technologies and arriving at solutions which are well aligned with the Government of India’s initiatives such as ‘Skill India’ and ‘Make in India’. In the next phase of our expansion, we will be aiming to become the country’s first Zero Emission Organisation by using renewable energy for fleet and other operations.

EXHIBIT: What’s the response like from the customers?
VINEET: Major clients include Amazon, Blue Dart, DHL, Aramex, Grofers, Nature’s Basket, Lenskart, MetLife etc. in the E-Commerce sector and McDonald’s, FreshMenu, Burger King, KFC, Pita-Pit, Faasos, Berco’s etc. in the Food-tech sector.

We have retained almost all our clients based on our service record and have onboarded them. Our order book is full for the next four quarters, and rapid expansion is planned to achieve that.

EXHIBIT: Is there anything you’d like to advice to the aspiring entrepreneurs?
VINEET: Every business is organic and dynamic in its essence. One needs to create a sustainable model for business based on Values and not chase after Valuations. Invest time and resources to the idea to evolve into a product which is consumable and sustainable.

EXHIBIT: What’s the most exciting part about working at DOT?
VINEET: Operations at DOT throw up new challenges every day, for which, solutions need to be found. This dynamic work environment for its Members is what makes life at DOT truly exciting.
One can either, be a DOT on the horizon or align to be the Rainbow.


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