Sony’s X93D 4K HDR is one of the best displays we’ve witnessed

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A titillating 4K HDR experience

Price: Starts at Rs.2.6 lakhsSpecification:

  • Available in 139 cm (55), 164 cm (65), 189 cm (75)
  • 4K HDR Sony’s Triluminos display
  • 4K Processor X1
  • 4K X-Reality PRO
  • Android TV

How does it feel out of the box?We have experienced Sony’s Android televisions, but the X93D is a piece of art on its own. At 11.5mm thin with a champagne gold bezel line running all around, this television looks stunning. While Sony claims that it can be mounted 36.7mm from the wall, a television this thin would look like a piece of painting. The television bezels are barely visible and Sony has neatly tucked the speakers under display. While the front looks stunning, the rear has been designed to look neat with cable management covers that hide all the ports and cables. While the television stays slim, there is a large power brick to deal with. The box also includes a HD camera and a pair of earphones. Overall, it’s a complete package.c88421d64c69ce69e36b17e6ac25cfadWhat am I getting for the price?While the price tag leaves it out of league for many, it is a fairly new piece of tech and hence the steep pricing is nothing out of normal considering technology curves. Hence, what you get is a product with one of the best Display available in the market today – 4K HDR! While we have witnessed 4K in SDR, experiencing it in HDR is an experience on its own. The television also comes with the goodness of Android for televisions powered by the exact same processor as Sony’s last year’s offering with 2GB RAM and 8GB ROM. While the television UI is easy to navigate and comes loaded with plethora of preloaded apps, operating it does seem like a snail task. Only if it came with a better processor, the experience would have been flawless.How does it perform?While it suffers from a relatively old processing unit at its core, the UI is well optimised and was lag free. It also gets updated inputs which include 4 ethernet ports, 3 USB ports, video/audio outputs, digital audio output and more. Under the wireless connectivity department, the TV set features an inbuilt Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth, Screen Mirroring, and Google Cast. The remote comes with a rubber finish and has dedicated Google Play and Netflix buttons to directly jump into either service. It also supported 4K streaming on Netflix.  The remote has a microphone and while it does work, it is inconsistent at times. The HD camera is sufficiently clear and supports recording featuring with video compatibility for apps that use camera.X93D is one of the first displays to come equipped with Slim Backlight Drive tech, which Sony says ‘cleverly guides light to where it’s needed most on the screen.’ Sony’s native X-tended Dynamic Range Pro technology delivers better light output across the display. Sony’s X1 4k processor comes with the Dynamic Range Enhancer and optimises the brightness frame-by-frame. Colours and saturation were vivid and like-life thanks to Sony’s Triluminos display technology. Technologies apart, we streamed and played 4K, 2k and HD on this display. Content varied from movies to video clips and games. When in 4K, everything was crisp and detailed to the point where it almost spoilt me. I own a Sony BX420 and I was almost convinced to upgrade it! While audio is powered by Dolby Audio, it left me disappointed and I had to connect my home theatre to get a satisfying experience.Sony_3What’s so special?The most special thing about the X93D has to be its amazing 4K HDR display. Couple that with capabilities of android and you have a package that is almost unbeatable. The displays is not only crisp, accurate and detailed, but also lag free with one of the best viewing angles I have witnessed on a television. Images and videos appear bright and black levels are deep enough to rival AMOLEDs.What’s your final take?  Sony’s X93D is a worthy successor to its earlier line-up. While it does suffer from an old processor and that can be felt when you try navigating at a faster pace, the UI is neat and the television comes equipped with one of the best displays I have witnessed in 2016. While android does a good job of making it smart, get this one for a breathtaking 4K HDR experience.

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