Solar Powered AC to Cool Your Car When Parked in Sun

Solar Powered
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Most of the times, we absolutely love summers. And sure, there are few reasons why we even hate summers. And if there’s a particular thing that we don’t like about summer is the way in which the season avenges back at or cars. When we get back to our cars, after it’s been in the sun for a few hours, we feel like we are entering a hot stove. The seats are as warm as a baking oven’s plate, and the car in itself feels as steaming as a desert.

At such times what comes to our rescue is the windscreen shade, which can help in keeping the temperatures down. But this is not enough to reduce the amount of scorching heat inside your vehicle.

Just imagine how easy your road travel would become if a new solar-powered creation existed, which could condition the hot air within your car, and make it at least 10 degrees cooler than what the temperature is outside. And also, not all the parking lots are underground or in dimly-lit basements. Some of the car parks are right underneath the sun. And just imagine, after a long day of shopping or hard work, you go to your car and you already find a heated seat to rest your bum on. Like your boss didn’t already do that for you!

Solar Powered AC: Just An Invention…

I deeply wish that a car-cooling invention existed. How this would work is when you parked your car out in the scorching sun, the AC would be created with such a technology that with the help of solar power, it would successfully condition the temperature within your car could consistently remain several degrees cooler than what it is outside, consistently. Also, the AC should be able to store this solar power to a great extent so that it gets all the more convenient for the end-users, and not to mention solar energy is one of those lesser energies which is almost available in abundance.

This technology could also work the other way around. For people living in colder regions, the AC could work as a heater. The technology would absorb the solar power whenever available and keep it reserved for whenever the need be.

Doesn’t the perfect temperature soothe your mood?

Now, all we can do is wait for some great mind to make this invention possible.

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1 Comment

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