What Did Not Work For Snapchat Glasses?

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Snapchat Glasses – All hype & no play!

Software companies launching something hardware-based is a trick that always delivers. Following the same path, Snap introduced a new product with quirky appearance and intriguing product proposition. And what took it further was a great marketing campaign that created a sense of exclusivity among consumers with its limited stock availability at limited locations. It thus created enough buzz around being a long-lasting, novel trend. However, it would now be hard to believe that this product has depicted falling sales as tons of unused spectacles lie around in the storeroom. People gave all sorts of reasoning and pieces of their thinking as to why a product proposition as interesting as Snap’s could turn out to be such a dud but we think there might be much simpler reasoning than there is.

Why did it fail?

  • One plain simple reason can be the extreme lack of utility. Exclusive Snapchat app connection only, low Bluetooth transfer speed, the format in which it synced the videos and discomfort in sporting them during night-time among other reasons all proved to be drawbacks.
  • The lack of privacy was a blaring problem. Imagine not knowing whether someone who is wearing those glasses is shooting you or not. Sure there are indicator lights to tell you that but better safe than sorry, right?
  • No official manual or user how – to help users use the glasses well. Although usability is what everything boils down to, it would’ve been smarter for Snap to make the glasses available for purchase at the earliest instead of waiting 5 months because, by the time they were available for purchase, people who had already used them had posted not so favourable reviews, returned the glasses and thus influenced people into not buying.
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