Smart Condoms Will Track Your Performance and Judge You

Smart Condoms
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Smart condoms are basically used to track your man bits. These techy condoms also track the thrust speed and velocity. But you don’t need to be too hard on yourself.

The Smart Condoms, which are one of a kind, actually come in the shape of a ring that replaces a boring, dumb condom. They also promise to keep a track of the exercise of your man areas, as well as spot Chlamydia and syphilis.

This smart ring was first announced in July, last year. And it is currently available for preorder in European markets at £59.99 (about INR 3,857) with an unheard of release date. But you can’t yet put a ring on it yet. The manufacturers say that they won’t take your money until the product has a firm release.

In short, these smart condoms promise to answer every burning question you’ve ever had about your sex session. The condom will pair with an app for all your data revelation and evaluation needs. In addition to all this, smart condoms also aim to answer the age-old question: How do I compare my sex drive with everyone else around the world? Because sure, let’s make sex a worldwide competition. What could possibly go wrong?

How Smart Condoms Work?

The smart ring will come with a one-year warranty. This ring will have a Micro-USB charging port, which will provide six to eight hours of “live” usage… However, it is unclear if this means thrust-wise usage or something else. The smart ring will work with an arrangement of nano-chip and sensors, which allows you to pair the ring with your device via Bluetooth.

With almost non-existent pictures of the self-styled “future of the sex wearable technology behind closed doors” on the site, it’s difficult to determine how all this technology will fit into a tiny ring. These smart condoms will apparently be available in just a single size, with a band adjustment feature.

Does this make you worry about the privacy- the privacy related to your “personal” data? The smart condoms also promise to keep all the data anonymous. But for braggers, the technology provides an option for users to share their latest frenzy with friends or even the world.”

So, forget about sexting your private pictures. Now, men will have to worry about their personal belongings’ status updates. Penis girth, thrust counts, and sexual health will also be measured by the smart condom ring, as wearable technology shifts into the bedroom.

British Condoms- i.Con

One such line of smart condoms is manufactured by British Condoms called i.Con. i.Con is a fitness tracker for the penis. It provides the users with all his performance statistics. The product also vows to detect signs of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Additionally, smart condom rings can also track calories burnt and the duration of intercourse. It also enlists the average number of thrusts along with the measurements of the girth. British Condoms says the ring is used in addition to a regular condom. Note that it cannot be used instead of condoms and is in the final stages of testing. The ring will be released later in 2017.

Does this qualify as a wearable now?

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