Skydio, carving the future of Autonomous drone.

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Imagine having a camera that follows you everywhere and recognizes your actions and functions accordingly. There is no need for an external medium to control it, the camera is independent and manages its motion independently. This was also just an idea, a fragment of imagination even for two MIT graduates. This idea was realized after years of experimentation and working on the evolution of their idea while inculcating modern technology to create the best autonomous self-driving drone, Skydio R1.

Years later we have Skydio, a company that has devoted their time to make “flying tools that free your hands and mind.” Adam Bry, the CEO and Co-founder states that the idea was to have a “film crew that fits into a backpack.” The Skydio R1 is a self-driving drone is the product of the amalgamation of modern Artificial Intelligence with the leading core processor which can capture 4K videos.It was finally launched at the MWC 2018. It is available in US and Canada and it costs $2,499.

The user can stream their videos live as the drone has a Wi-Fi range of 300ft. The Skydio R1 can be easily controlled by the Skydio application. The recorded content can be easily converted into a clip via the Skydio app as well as downloaded and edited over USB. The R1 has 64GB onboard storage.

The drone can be launched easily just by launching the application and the R1 will be ready to use. The R1 applies computer vision to recognize the environment and the surrounding and accordingly moves to capture the best frame keeping the subject in the frame. The user can also alter the angle, shot, height of the shot which can be captured using the Skydio application.


In order to the map the surrounding of the subject, the R1 uses SLAM, Simultaneous Localization, and Mapping. The R1 utilizes deep learning methods to analyze the flight data and evolve it actions and move accordingly. The R1 is known to be 4 seconds ahead of its user, as a result, it moves accordingly to capture the best shot and move. The R1 weighs 2.2 lbs while the dimensions are 13”x 16”x1.5” and the top speed is 25mph which endures for 16 minutes.

While the R1 is a Quantum leap in tracking and the following technology, it has just given us a glimpse of future of modern technology.

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