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Shrenik Bhayani, South Asia General Manager Of Kaspersky Lab

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KasperskyEmphasizing on the importance of Cyber Security and explaining the current situation, Shrenik Bhayani, South Asia General Manager of Kaspersky Lab, in an e-conversation with Maitri Panchal shares his insights about his new role in Kaspersky as well as the current scenario of cyber security.

Exhibit: It has been only 8 months since you joined Kaspersky as a general manager, what are the challenges that you have faced in your new role?
Shrenik Bhayani: The 8 months that I have already spent here felt like time was just flying, it feels like just yesterday was my first day in Kaspersky Lab, where I was being introduced to the team and discussing the future plan of action and today we have added new promising team members to our company that is only growing in India with time. I now see the plans that were discussed in my first week being executed and we bearing the fruitful results of some of the plans already.

Exhibit: Where does India stand in terms of securing its crucial data and what is the desperate need of situation?
Securing data online is the need of the hour globally. Cybercriminals don’t need to physically travel in order to harm or attack your data, unlike the terrorist attacks that our defense forces save us from. Cyber attacks is something that cannot be tracked or stopped physically. One cannot rank India or any other country in terms of being cyber safe as no one today can claim to be secure online. However, India needs to be more careful as it is stepping towards digitalisation and there is a desperate need of the situation for our Government to be as aware as they can about the entire situation and also be at par with the governing bodies of other nations so as to fight the cybercriminals together when the time comes.

Exhibit: What is the precise function of Kaspersky in developing the cybersecurity scenario in India?
In India we are focusing on serving the government officials. We also have critical infrastructure solutions that can be used greatly in India. People here also need to be more aware about the cyber security scenario and the upcoming sophisticated threats that are a danger to their online lives and know rightfully how to fight against these cyber threats. Hence Kaspersky Lab is on a mission of making the most important people of India i.e the government officials, the CEOs and CISOs aware of these threats and their solutions so that they will be able to fight them with our help. We at Kaspersky Lab, also plan to have a full time dedicated research team who will sit in India, which will be easier in detecting the cyber threats more locally and accurately.

Exhibit: What are the steps that the Indian government should take in order to protect the crucial data and prevent any mishaps?
The Indian government has recently taken a huge step towards digitalization, which makes us vulnerable to the growing threats of cybercriminals globally. They have allocated more budgets on Cybersecurity, training people and promoting careers in cybersecurity by opening institutions and cyber cells in different parts of the country. In my opinion, they can still work on making people aware of the potential cyber threats, and when I say people I mean everyone from a common man to a bank/government official or employee who can make a great difference when they are well educated about cyber threats and solutions. Also, the government needs to get in touch with the governing bodies of other nations in order to fight cyber criminals together.

Exhibit: What were some major alterations that Kaspersky had to introduce compared to its basic norms to live up to the Indian requirements?
In India, more and more people are using mobile phones especially smartphones, but not everyone is aware of the mobile security needed for it. The Kaspersky Lab team as compared to other nations have introduced our mobile security to the people. These days post digitalization people have started using Mobile wallets more. As the community has low credit card ownership and higher mobile wallet to survive online along with the digital push, it is important to have a mobile security solution on their phones.

Exhibit: India is called the world’s third-largest startup hub, what are your thoughts about it?
Start-ups, I feel always comes in with the most positive energies and the newest of ideas that promise unique innovations and better products and services. It’s the idea of young people coming together and trying to make a difference in people’s lives through their work is what motivates me the most. We as a nation should promote more start-ups and in fact help them in growing in whatever way we can.

Exhibit: What will be the role of artificial intelligence in protecting us from any severe data threat?
Connected technologies are invading our lives with each passing day. It’s natural to ask Siri or Alexa or Google to interpret more of our human experience and expect our cars to respond to the rules of the road fast enough to keep our hides intact.

That being said, artificial intelligence(AI) can’t come close to human intelligence. Machines are fast, consistent and tireless only when paired with up with human intuition and brain. That is why our solutions use the HuMachine approach, using the fast and meticulous AI of advanced programming and augmenting it with topnotch human cybersecurity professionals turning human brains to fight malware and keep our consumers, enterprise, and infrastructure systems working safe.


Securing data online is the need of the hour globally. Cybercriminals don’t need to physically travel in order to harm or attack your data. 



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