Should you upgrade to Windows 10?

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Microsoft\’s Windows OS has always had a hit or miss relationship with many. Considering that over 70% of the world population that has a PC powered by Windows, Microsoft had to perfect their latest OS to suit these various diversities. With feedback from customers and experts, Microsoft has now released a major update to the Windows platform, Windows 10. I\’m sure, even you have received the pop up to upgrade to the latest Windows 10, but then you might be thinking, should you? We are here to help you out. Here are 10 features why you should definitely upgrade to Windows 10:

Windows 10 is Free: This is possibly the best reason why you should upgrade. Anything free is definitely worth it. Well, unlike the earlier versions of Windows, where you had to pay for upgrades, Microsoft is rolling this update for free to anyone who has a licensed copy or to anyone who has retail hacked version (You will have to buy a key later).  Microsoft has claimed that it will be free for a year, but we are sure they will extend it.

Start Menu is back: The beloved Start menu that was missing since Windows 8 update has now returned in a revamped avatar. Well, the button was visible on Windows 8.1 which took you directly to the full screen app menu, but this time a proper menu appears which is customizable and also allows you to scroll through all your apps in a list view. There are advanced search options and much more!



Continuum Mode: With the increased popularity of Hybrid and Convertible Laptops, thanks to touch support on Windows 8.1, many have opted for such machine for added versatility. On Windows 8.1, there was nothing special for these laptops, but with Continuum mode on Windows 10, these laptops have got a new life. Windows 10 can seamlessly switch between desktop mode and tablet mode by automatically detecting the need for touches or keyboard/mouse inputs. A must upgrade of all such users.

Universal apps: Microsoft has now created an ecosystem for Windows Devices. A bundle of apps including Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, People, Messaging, Mail, Calendar and more in the near future, will all look and feel the same across all Windows Devices that one has, irrespective of screen size and resolutions. This is great feature as every Windows 10 PC user will then be a potential Windows 10 handheld user in the future to come.



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