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Why 5G Will Get To Decide The Fate Of Self Driven Cars By 2025

5g vehicles
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The preordination of autonomous vehicles in the near future will be a lot dependent on 5G. Having said that, in their recent finding, research and analysis firm Gartner, stressed the importance for communication providers to ramp up their offering, in order to lend the best support towards partner companies. Gartner’s report laid stress on key areas like data processing, which seems to be the most important part, affecting the safety of the driver. Speaking of data, it is predicted that by the end of the year 2025, autonomous vehicles will have uploaded more than 1 TB of sensory and vehicle data over the cloud, each month. This is exactly why communication service providers need to gear up their show in terms of 5G connectivity to ensure zero hassle.

5g vehiclesAutonomous vehicles are designed in a manner which makes them incapable of being dependent on the mobile communication network to function best. However, that doesn’t cut down the importance of 5g as it forms an integral part of multiple technologies being adopted to realize functionality and safety objectives. As such, 5G networks will definitely play a crucial play in organizing the huge chunks of data that will be generated seamlessly, not just about driver safety but also pertaining to entertainment and connectivity. Considering the safety angle, the recent occurrences with Uber’s self-driving SUV has brought remote piloting under the spotlight.  Arguably, autonomous vehicles are now looking at remote piloting as a potential measure of safety which in turn depends heavily on 5G connectivity to function reliably.

Reportedly, in many cases, there have been incidents where the self-driving vehicles were out of navigating options and called for a human handover, thus deactivating all controls. However, not every scenario presents before such a chance before mishaps take place. In time, when autonomous vehicles are stuck human control can be achieved through remote handover option. Arguably speaking, the chance for a full autonomous option in self-driven cars is now being looked at nil. Maybe in recent future, the idea is going to be ruled out with a befitting mindset, but for now, it stays put for good. QNX, from the house of Blackberry which happens to be one of the leading names in the automotive sector, saw CEO John Chen commenting on a decade-long time period before driverless cars can catch the trend. There’s a lot to be done and worked on in terms of compatibility and connectivity issues which when structured out can make things take a solemn turn. The major role that needs to be played in this case is by the service providers. It will be their prime responsibility to establish 5G by achieving new standards of technology. Additionally, they will also be on the lookout for working in liaison with local government authority body and committees approving standards to help facilitate the employing of newer technology, like IOT (Internet of Things) in all advanced scenario.

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