Saregama Go Brings Retro Music On-The-Go

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After a great success with Carvaan, Saregama unveiled another product which has a blend of modern technology in the most simplistic way. The Saregama Go is a small handheld gadget with a built-in speaker and display. It weighs only 88 gram and comes with 3000 retro songs, which include classic tracks in various Indian languages. The Saregama Carvaan Go is priced at 3,990 and is available to buy at and other stores.

Carvaan had bought retro music listening experience to its existing users with pre-loaded songs and other features. Now, Carvaan Go is aimed for the active and on-the-go users who want to carry their evergreen classics with them. The Saregama Carvaan Go is more of a personal portable music player designed to be very lightweight, as low as 88 grams. Carvaan Go also becomes an uninterrupted listening experience gadgets where there are no phone calls, messages or a poor network to intrude your music experience. The Saregama Carvaan Go is best for a long flight or train journey where there is no internet connectivity required to listen to the preloaded content.

Vikram Mehra, Managing Director, Saregama says, “Carvaan’s unprecedented success proves that listening to customers pays rich dividends. Carvaan Go is our response to customer want for listening to their favourite music outside a home in a lean-back, uninterrupted fashion. Its light (88gm), fits into palm/pocket easily and has longer playback time (7hrs). And just like Carvaan, this product has also been fully designed internally by our employees”

Carvaan Go comes preloaded with 3000 evergreen songs categorized into Artistes, Specials and pre curated Playlists, FM/AM and a micro SD card slot for your personal music. The songs can listen to through earphones, Aux out cable, Bluetooth and even by built-in speakers. It is also compatible with the Carvaan App which allows one to simply select from the vast 3000 songs. It also has a rechargeable battery with 7 hours playtime.

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