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After a great success with first-generation Carvaan speaker, Saregama introduced the second-generation speaker – Saregama Carvaan 2.0 which comes with new impressive features in the most simplistic way. At first the look, Saregama Carvaan 2.0 looks exactly similar to its predecessor but with an upgrade. Its got WiFi connectivity to play 15000 songs and 150+ songs daily updated from WiFi-based audio stations. To connect with the Home Wifi network, a companion app needs to be downloaded and the App will guide you to connect the Carvaan using Bluetooth technology. The app makes it easy to quickly search your favourite songs and also create your playlist which you can be played whenever needed directly click from an app or on speaker. Saregama holds a copyright to the music, so the speaker has a total of 5000 pre-loaded songs ranging from 130+ stations and a dedicated button to choose from Artistes, Specials and Geetmala.

If you think this speaker can only play retro Hindi music then you are wrong. The Carvaan 2 speaker has an option to play AM and FM radio stations, connect Bluetooth enabled players and even have an option for USB/AUX-IN connectivity. AM and FM radio station does work well in cities without attaching external antenna for coverage. For Bluetooth, we tested by connecting an Android smartphone and once it gets connected, the Bluetooth connection stayed strong even we kept our device apart by 10 meters

The second-generation Carvaan comes with an LCD, the big knob on the front to change stations, volume scroller on the side to adjust the volume, and a special categorized button which also includes WIFI mode. The Carvaan 2 available in two colours – emerald green and classic black.

Now moving over to the sound quality, if you’re looking for great sound quality, then you should probably look at JBL, Sennheiser or Bose. The speaker lack bass, but it is not necessary for playing retro songs. But if you’re playing recent music from your smartphone, then probably you will lose the bass which can be well enjoyed on other branded speakers. In short, the company’s main focus was on its content with better and clear audio quality.


Overall, the new Saregama Carvaan 2.0 is a worthy upgrade, because it gives access to more than 15000 retro songs. That means more retro music to choose from! If you’re a person with a taste of retro music, it is probably the best speaker to fulfil your purpose. You can even gift this speaker to your parents. It will bring a smile to their face while listening to evergreen songs from their favourite artist right from Kishore Kumar to Lata Mangeshkar.


  • 5000 retro songs
  • 15000 songs via WIFI
  • App support(Android & iOS)
  • AM/FM radio


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