Samsung Level In ANC – Gadget of the month

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Samsung LEVEL In ANC earphones is designed to help you enjoy music while cancelling out external noises. These earphones pick up external noises with two external microphone, analyses and create inverted sound waves to cancel them, eliminating the noise reaching to the ears.

According to Samsung, the active noise cancellation can reduce the background noise by up to 90%. This is an active noise cancelling earphones, so it comes with a dedicated controller, which houses a 110mAh battery and a micro USB port to charge the battery. It also has three-way slider button which can turn off active noise cancellation, a talk-in mode which enables a user to be aware of the surrounding sound, and an active noise cancellation which activates noise cancellation to remove external sounds.


The noise cancellation is achieved by using an external microphone. Both the in-ear earphones have microphone which picks up external noise, analyze and creates inverted sound waves to cancel them.

The earphones deliver a good amount of mids and highs including cancelling background noise. Overall, the sound quality is good enough to be our Gadget of the month.


  • Type: Active Noise Cancellation Earphones
  • Keys: 2 buttons for volume Up(REW), Down(FF), 1 button for Play(Pause, Call), 3 slides key(ANC On/Off, Talk-in)
  • Play Time: Up to 9 Hrs(ANC On)
  • Weight: 27.5 g


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