JBL Focus 300 Yurbuds Review

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FIRST IMPRESSIONSThe idea behind these earphones was to have a product for the fitness conscious people. Those who can work up a sweat and still enjoy working-out while listening to their favourite tracks. The Focus 300 from JBL is exactly one such product and the first time I held it, they felt pretty light and comfortable to hold. The only objection I had was with the choice of shiny plastic material they used, but that’s more of a personal choice than anything else. The wires that JBL has used, however, are of good quality and aren’t too thin or too thick. Also, these are in-ear earphones, but they come with a new kinda technology which will prevent these from falling off your ears even when doing strenous workouts. But, are they worth the asking price?

REVIEWBuild & DesignThe Focus 300 earphones are in-ear which have over-ear mechanism to keep them intact, in one place. The rubberised wiring and the plastic feel of the canal area of the earphones tend to always be on the back of your mind, but once you start your workout sessions, these will merely be an after-thought. The entire unit is well-built, has nice durability and the sweat-resistant factor definitely lived up to our expectations. Getting them set up for the first time was an issue, though, because to get them snugly fit inside your ears will take a little doing. A fine push here, a nudge there and eventually they do fit as you’d expect them. After trying them on for 2-3 times, I eventually got used to this mechanism and also the ‘TwistLock’ technology. This is basically achieved by using a larger surface area on the earphone that makes contact with your ear and a twisting mechanism that ensures the earphones doesn’t fall-off while you’re doing strenous workouts. And tried as I did, but no matter what kinda workouts I was doing, the earphones didn’t fall out at all. These also have a ‘Quick Click’ technology – which has magnets on the back of both earphones, ensuring less tangle and both the right and left earphones stick to each other while carrying them around.Performance & Sound QualityThe very first time I connected these to my smartphone, I was taken aback by the loudness. Normally, earphones don’t deliver the kinda punch that headphones do, but these were certainly an exception. After adjusting my output level to a mere 40% I was quite satisfied with the listening experience on the Focus 300. The balance between the highs and lows is quite nice and even though the bass has more of a punch than a neutral pair of earphones, they still don’t over-power the mids. There is enough detail in the various notes throughout the frequency range to appreciate all types of songs, though the more upbeat songs that one tends to listen to while working out, sounded the best. Since the over-ear mechanism holds the earphones in place, there is a nice weight distribution and you tend to forget that you’re even wearing a pair unless you keep listening to them for an extended period of time. Although it won’t be a big deal for most – but, using these for more than a couple of hours did prove a tad uncomfortable, especially if you have a smaller ear canal opening. Even though adjusting it has limited options, the optimal adjustment for listening experience may not be the best for comfort. In any case, these were noticed only during prolonged and continuous use, your mileage may vary.

VerdictGood build quality, nice weight distribution and a clean sound output with great amount of loudness. That’s the Focus 300 in short. It’s a good pair of earphones for fitness conscious people, who are always complaining that their pair are not sweat-proof. There is a slight flip side, though. It’s a bit difficult to easily recommend this pair for the asking price of Rs. 3,499 if comfort is your main concern, especially for those who tend to listen to tracks for a long time. But, if you’re not in this variety of people, then the Focus 300 is a good buy with nothing to dislike. SPECS

  • In-Ear Wired Earphones
  • 20Hz-20KHz Frequency Range
  • 15mm Dynamic Driver
  • 3 x 4 x 9 cm
  • 281 gms in weight

Exhibit Rating: 3.5 / 5Price: Rs. 3,499/- 

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