Portronics iLume Projector Review, Specifications and Price

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Portronics iLume Projector First Impressions:

Pico projectors are getting better and smaller by the season, and Portronics\’ iLume Projector is looking to keep the flag high for Pico projectors. But even though the iLume is marketed more as a pocket projector, it\’s not small enough to fit into any pocket! But it does weigh in around 650 gms making it rather light and portable too, if only it didn\’t need a power cable to run. But has it everything it takes to be a loveable, functional and easily operable projector? Let\’s get to it.  

Portronics iLume Projector Review:

Claiming a range of 0.5m to 5m, iLume also looks to project 1080p formats on a wall with an area of about 120 inches. But the truth lies somewhere in between, it\’s when you sort out all your connectors and pick one input projection method from the many that have been provided and then start viewing the projection on the wall. On VGA and AV, the projector did pretty well the keystone autofocus works neatly and the display is bright, sharp and clear. On USB, we did struggle a bit initially to get the projector to read all the files we were projecting from our laptop, but once we got a good hold of it, it did the job pretty well though some heavy excel files took a really long time to load. The entire interface to choose your input method and then play it back, is quite easy to understand and use though not the slickest. It also failed to playback some .mp4 file through a USB connector from an Android smartphone, something that we thought it might easily be able to do. The selection mode buttons on the top of the projector itself are handy if you are standing right on top of it, else you can make use of the handy remote control which certainly has most of the functions that you will use during a quick office or college presentation. The projector is ideal for small offices, where you can quickly plug in the cables and set it up, plus some larger offices who don\’t really want to spend and/or can do without network connectivity. At almost 40K of an asking price, it\’s not the cheapest but certainly a whole lot cheaper than regular pico projectors with similar features and networking options.

Portronics iLume Projector Rear Panel:

This panel is where you\’ll find all the ports, including one for power, HDMI, VGA, USB, Headphones and AV. On the left is the slot for a SD card reader.  

Portronics iLume Projector Specifications:

LED Lamp Pico Projector 1280×800 native resolution Manual/Auto Keystone 2000:1 Contrast Ratio 16:9/4:3 Aspect Ratios Audio out, microSD card, HDMI in, VGA, AV in, USB, DC  

Portronics iLume Projector Verdict:

Besides a few hiccups here and there, the iLume is a worthy addition to any small or medium office which is looking for a small-ish projector which doesn\’t cost a bomb. once you get used to it, it is fairly easy to use and operate and the maintenance cost isn\’t much either. If you can\’t find any alternatives for this, then this product certainly is worth having a look. 

The Techy RATING: 3/5    

Portronics iLume Projector PRICE:  Rs. 39,990/-  

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