REVIEW: Blaupunkt Style

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First ImpressionsBlaupunkt has ensured that it impresses you from the very start. The packaging of the Blaupunkt Style is quite bulky and easily weighs around 2 kgs. But you will forgive them the moment you see how neatly it has all been packaged. Apart from the standard black, you will receive 2 (pink and orange) extra ear cushions. There is an airplane adapter, audio cable, audio cable with headset, transport bag, soft case, cleaning cloth and an audio adapter in this huge package (Yeah! they did not forget anything). The first time we placed these headphones on our ears, they are incredibly comfortable and felt like they have been created just for us. They have even got the colour combination right (considering they are their corporate colours). The blue makes it look very stylish and elegant.ReviewSo finally we were done admiring the build quality (quite sturdy) and got down to some serious business. Plugged into an iPhone, music on and the immediate reaction was “WOW.” These headphones have some serious capability to offer magnificent performance. The bass balance is fantastic and drum bass and snare sounds are highly notable. The vocals can be heard with ease and are not overpowered due to the bass. The background noise cancellation offered by these headphones is equally impressive. You would barely be able to hear or interpret what happens around you when you have these headphones plugged in. The sound quality over phone calls is crystal clear too. The caller and the receiver could both hear the voices with ease. Another great feature is the ability to attach another headphone/earphone with the Blaupunkt style so that two people can relish the same form of entertainment. It was fun watching movies at the workplace with colleagues especially on a computer system which offers mediocre performance on loud speakers. Not everything could be picture perfect isn’t it? The fit of these headphones is quite tight. Looks like Blaupunkt took the concept of “perfect fit” way too seriously. The cushion that protects the head at times felt insufficient and tends to hurt in the long run. Maybe some more cushioning there would have definitely helped. Audio leakage is certainly an issue but that exists in most high-end headphones. Last but not the least, the pricing does seem steep. But after all, these headphones are meant for those with some serious budget. At the end of it all, it is a part of the luxury headphone category.VerdictThe Blaupunkt Style is truly a benchmark setter in terms of looks, comfort and performance. There are several pros like superb bass balance, clear distinction amongst music and vocals, perfect on – ear fit and lots more. The few cons would be that the product needed little bit more cushioning in the over the head region. Too many advantages and few flaws is what Blaupunkt Style is all about.Specifications20 Hz 22000 Hz Headphone Frequency Response 40 mm Headphone Driver Units Wired and Closed Headphones 32 ohm Headphone Impedance.Exhibit Rating – 4/5Price – Rs. 14,990/-

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