RED’s Hydrogen One Smartphone Preview Reveals an Enormous Device

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If you aware of even the basics of cameras, you surely must have heard of RED. The RED Digital Cinema is an American company, which is world famous for manufacturing digital cameras. This illustrious company also makes some of the highest-rated video cameras and sensors around.

We finally bring to you some more details about RED’s upcoming Hydrogen One smartphone. The company declared this news via a YouTube video that Marques Brownlee (aka by his channel name MKBHD)posted. Brownlee is a well-known technology YouTube vlogger.

Basically, this was still just another big tease from RED. “First off, this thing is huge. The Hydrogen One is ‘about the same size as an iPhone 7 Plus — with a case on it,’” Brownlee adds.

The camera company has certainly mastered the art of making top-of-the-line professional hardware. The technology’s hardware has been used in mind-blowing movies like The Martian. The company’s cameras were even used in TV series like Better Call Saul.

More on RED’s Smartphone

So far, this company has never made products for commoners. And finally, RED has been teasing the RED Hydrogen One for a while now. For all we know, the Hydrogen One is a dual-camera smartphone. It apparently also has a groundbreaking 3D holographic display. And, of course, it’s not exactly cheap. The device will be offered in two varieties: an aluminum-bodied one for $1,195 (INR 76395) and a titanium-bodied one for $1,595 (approximately INR 101506).

The holographic display is a 5.7-inch unit. The company acclaims that this display can give you a glassless 3D experience. It may even allow you to “look around” objects in a scene. One such entity that provides this technology is the Nintendo 3D series of handheld consoles. Nintendo has been providing this feature for many years now. So, this is not the first time we’ve heard of a “legendary” 3D technology. Having said that, we are talking about RED here. So, judging by its expertise, we can certainly hope for something impressive.

We can’t wait for RED to launch something similar in India, just for the beginners at least!

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