5 Presumptions about the upcoming Apple iPhone 8

iPhone 8
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Apple iPhone 8 is the most awaited and trending phones of the year. This year Apple completes 10 successful years. Everyone is expecting an extraordinary flagship of iPhone series as it is their 10th anniversary this year. Moreover, the CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook has also assured and promised that the best is yet to come. There are numerous leaks and rumors about the latest iPhone 8. However, every year we assume a lot of things but still, Apple somehow manages to surprise us with its revolutionary features. We are listing for you the top 5 presumptions we have about the Apple iPhone 8. Let’s see how many of these rumored features actually are there on the phone.

1.Wireless Charging

The best thing we have heard so far about the iPhone 8 is that it will support wireless charging. The company is trying to make long-range wireless charging and will not need a wired connection. We already have Smartphone which can be kept on a charging mat. Apple is somehow concentrating on long range. Let’s say, our phone automatically starts charging up while we are roaming around and the phone is in the pocket. If it comes with this type of wireless charging, then we can’t wait to use the phone.

2.Facial Recognition

There is a very strong rumor that the new iPhone 8 will not come only with a fingerprint scanner. But, it will also be the first ever model to have multiple biometrics option by including facial recognition technology. This phone is said to use laser and infrared sensors placed on the front shooter which will identify our face accurately. Android has already tried this but it was very easy to fake a face and was not accurate. Some other rumor mills suggest that the Apple iPhone 8 will have iris recognition and facial detection. The company is believed to source iris scanning chips from the tech suppliers in Taiwan.

3.OLED Screen

Apple always uses LCD screens for the iPhones. But, this time if rumors are to be believed, iPhone 8 might use OLED for the first time. OLED as in Organic Light-Emitting Diode TV panels have comparatively better contrast ratios than LCD. It also has deeper blacks and whites featuring nice levels of brightness and better bright colors. Also, no backlighting is required so we can expect panels and much lower power consumption. Basically, we can expect flexible plastic OLED display which will not be bendable, rollable or curved. However, some time back there was also a rumor that iPhone 8 will sport a glass body surrounding OLED screen which will be built around an aluminum stainless steel frame

4.All glass Edge-to-Edge Display

The first rumor we heard about iPhone 8 is that it feature an edge-to-edge bezel-free display. Rumor also suggests that the Touch ID sensor and Home Button will be placed on the front display itself. There was a patent filed recently by Apple which suggests that the speaker, camera and also a heads-up display built will be behind the edge-to-edge screen.

5.More Power

There has been a lot of rumors about Apple announcing A11 chip which is supposed to be the brains of the new iPhone. This A11 chip will be built on a 10-nanometer process. Apple is supposedly working with TSMC – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. This is because the company wants to design a super small but powerful processor which will not only be faster than before but also energy efficient. Previous year’s A10 was Apple’s first Quad-core 64-bit system on a chip that had 40 percent better and greater CPU performance and 50 percent smoother graphic performance as compared to the iPhone launched in the year 2015. Similarly, this year we can surely expect the up gradation in iPhone 8 to A11 from A10 chip.

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