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Preparing for DIGITAL DEATH

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What do you think will happen to your social media accounts and digital assets after your death?


What happens to each online account?

Facebook: In Facebook, you have the right to create a legacy contact which will allow them to write a post for remaining at the top of your profile. They can update your display picture; respond to friend requests, and more. However, if you don’t want anyone to intrude your privacy by managing your account after you pass away; I’ll give you one more option. The second option here is that you can set the account to delete all the data as soon as Facebook is informed about your demise. Or, your page can be memorialized which means frozen in time.

Google: Google is pretty sorted because up to 10 people can execute your account once you pass away or the account seamlessly becomes inactive.

Twitter: Twitter allows you to add a verified immediate family member who can delete your account but only if they can prove that you’re dead.

LinkedIn, Snapchat & Tumblr: LinkedIn is a professional account while Snapchat & Tumblr is a personal account. But in all these online portals, immediate family members can easily request the account to be deleted.

iTunes & Amazon: These two portals are a little strict in this case which means the purchased content can’t be passed on to other family members.

Understanding Terms and Conditions:

Different online portals have different policies which they execute after a user’s demise. The dead account of millions of Facebook users is a reminder for all the social media users. It’s high time; you should start considering how they want their online presence to be managed after their demise. Not only this, the ownership of the content purchased online on Apple or Amazon is also something to be understood. With something like iTunes, do you even realize that they rent music and videos and you don’t actually own them. This is because it can’t be passed on.

In case a family member needs to have a user’s account closed, they will have to request and provide documents for proving the right to do so. And, it is not that easy thing to do on a social media platform like Facebook. You can definitely memorialize the dead person’s account but can’t get any access to it. Memorializing a Facebook account or page basically means freezing it with the exact permissions as it had when the deceased user accessed it for the last time. However, the account might show if you search with the right keywords.

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