Prana Air Launches Junior Anti-Pollution Mask For Children

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Purelogic Labs India, an initiative to increase awareness about air pollution in India, has announced the launch of India’s first anti-pollution mask exclusively for children. Prana Air Junior Mask is a first of its kind anti-pollution mask for children. The Junior Mask is one of the products by Prana Air that purifies the air before children breathe in and also provides a respite against airborne diseases. The 2-way motor helps purify the air faster which ensures that the children do not inhale toxic elements from the air and easily releases the buildup of CO2 exhaled. Hence, the N-95 pollution mask provides fresh, breathable air to the kids. 

The easy to wear anti-pollution mask features a skin-friendly silicone seal that allows the mask to fit on a child’s face conveniently. The anti-pollution children’s mask is also lightweight. The Junior Mask by Prana Air has a 5-layer protective filter that traps pollen, smoke and Particulate Matter 2.5 or less. The mask also sports Grade 11 HEPA-Filter (High-efficiency Particulate Air) which captures95.99% polluted air particles. The N95 runs on a 5-V lithium battery that lasts for 8 hours with a charging time of 1.5 to 2 hrs.

Suitable for children aged between 5 to 15 years, the mask is best suited for outdoor sports activities or when the child commutes to and from school. The mask runs on a power generating motor that controls the air volume. There are 3 different fan speeds that the child can manually adjust according to the amount of air required during various physical activities. The Junior Mask also comes with an additional pair of straps made of skin-friendly silicone which fits perfectly either behind the ears or over the head, depending on the preference.

Beating air pollution has become easier with Prana Air Junior Mask. Children can now stay outside for a longer duration without worrying about airborne diseases. Priced at Rs 3490/- Prana Air Junior Anti-Pollution Mask is now available on their online store.

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