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Power Talk – Vickram Bedi, Senior Director, Personal Systems, HP Inc India

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Vickram Bedi, Senior Director, Personal Systems, HP Inc. India talks about the brand’s roadmap for the Indian market and it’s changing dynamics with Konark Tyagi.

Exhibit: What is HP Inc.’s focused PC market strategy in India?
Vikram Bedi: Our strategy for the Indian market is to go deeper and wider with new innovative products. HP understands that consumers want devices that are not only stunning in looks but also unbeatable when it comes to performance. Therefore, it has been our endeavor to ensure that we offer the widest range of PC offerings addressing the needs of one and all.

Our devices like the Spectre x360, Envy, Pavilion x360 or catering to gamers with products like the OMEN X, OMEN 15 and Pavilion gaming exemplify amalgamation of design and performance. We have also taken strides in innovation when it comes to Hybrids (Thin & Light) 2-in-1s (Convertibles) laptops and have created a platform for providing education and finance led devices for first time buyers. We aim to be the Digital Transformation partner of India and to that end, we are tapping into Digital India opportunities with best-in-class customized products and services that can solve real life problems in India.

Exhibit: There has been an evident increase in HP’s focus on the gaming sector in India since the launch of the OMEN series? Is it a part of your growth strategy in India?
Vikram Bedi: India has an advantage of an ever-growing smartphone and internet user base. These users, about 50% of whom are millennials, are always looking for new products and better technology. A lot of smartphone gamers are turning to PC gaming for a more immersive experience, contributing to four-fold growth of the market in a short span of time. It has also added to the employment opportunities in this sector. As per a report by Frost & Sullivan, the Indian gaming market is forecast to grow to $1.1 billion by 2021.

With the objective of taking technology closer to consumers in a cost-effective way, we have managed to widen our gaming portfolio. This has not only helped us differentiate ourselves but also capture more than one-third market share in a short span of time. We understand that gamers have different requirements – be it an amateur, casual or professional gamer. Thus, our gaming range addresses the needs of all such gamers. We intend to keep innovating and upgrading in terms of technology, products and offerings. That’s what has helped HP to build trust amongst our existing users and at the same time expand our consumer base.

Exhibit: HP has been vigorously targeting the millennials for different product launches, any reason why this has been set as the core target audience?
Vikram Bedi: We have been working relentlessly with the aim of empowering tomorrow’s re-inventors and students by providing them with the tools to redefine creativity and excellence. HP offers a wide range of versatile devices for consumers that allow them to go paperless while amplifying their creative abilities. We have also ensured that these devices are available across price points keeping in mind both, core and premium category.

We see ourselves as a futuristic brand so ensuring a plethora of devices are available to the millennials of today who are soon going to be the flag bearers of creating innovation in every industry, seems like the accurate path. They do account for more than 50% of the population. Having said that, we are also leveraging our market and product leadership to expand and cater to all age groups across all categories.

Exhibit: How is HP bringing gaming to masses?
Vikram Bedi: HP’s gaming laptops hold a reputation for their design, graphics, aesthetics, audio, utility and storage. Our recent product innovations have aimed at incorporating the needs of casual and mainstream gamers who also want to use their devices for work purposes, all at a competitive price point. With more and more users graduating to PC gaming every year, it is essential that their gaming needs are met. We are constantly trying to reinvent the gaming experience and offer a new way of play embedded in every new product, and at a price range that caters to enthusiasts to mainstream gamers and even those who take gaming as a hobby.

Exhibit: How is HP transforming the gaming ecosystem?
Vikram Bedi: There is a huge potential for gaming laptops in India as the hardware components continue to become more powerful and robust to support the ever-evolving requirements. We ventured into the gaming industry at the right time when there was growing acceptance about being a gamer and experimenting with different and more powerful devices. Our OMEN series have been extremely well received by both mainstream and gaming enthusiasts. With our first series itself, we became one of the top gaming PC company in a short time. We continuously try to reinvent the gaming experience for our users with every new device we launch. Our main aim is being able to deliver aggressive performance and top-notch experiences to intensify the thrill of gaming.

Exhibit: What are the trends in the gaming industry? How is HP tapping those?
Vikram Bedi: Internet-enabled devices paved the way for games being accessible anywhere and anytime. Now more and more mobile gamers are moving to PC gaming for a better and more immersive experience, thereby driving the market share for PC in the gaming segment. Gaming has become more mainstream, with users playing not just one game but multiple games and this has been embraced by people from all walks of life. We closely monitor developments and changes in the gaming industry and keep customer satisfaction as the core stone of every laptop we build. Indian gamers have unique requirements from their gaming notebook with regards to design, keyboard, comfort of gameplay and graphics. We have taken care of this feedback in the refreshed Omen by HP lineup and the all new Pavilion gaming laptop.

Exhibit: What is HP’s future roadmap?
Vikram Bedi: We are looking at growing our market share in our core segments and expanding in growth areas like entertainment, gaming and premium as far as consumer segment is concerned. Gaming offers a tremendous opportunity and we will continue to innovate in that segment. Additionally, we will be investing in developing future technologies like AR, VR etc. for both consumer and commercial purposes with the aim to redefine future of computing.


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