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Power talk with Alen Jose, Dell India

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alenjoseExhibit : To compete in the market, Dell India needs to stand out exceptionally. On that context, what is your strategy and aim towards the future strategies?
ALEN JOSE : Dell as a brand is continuously driving efforts to be seen as a trusted partner. We strongly believe that our customers are our true brand ambassadors. Dell is constantly evolving and our goal is to cater to each unique segment of users. We offer devices that can be used by first time buyers across multiple user groups including students, working professionals, gamers and even seasoned users of technology. Moreover, we execute targeted campaigns for the variety of audiences, which allow further outreach to the customers along with compelling offers that make the brand more attractive and identifiable.

Exhibit : Dell India in 2016 and Dell India in 2021 – how do you foresee the differences?
AJ : The core remains the same – to place the customer at the heart of everything we do. Dell India is constantly evolving – a fluid entity which constantly grows in order to better serve its customers. If our trajectory is any indication, we have set the benchmark for the rate of growth we are likely to witness in the coming years. At Dell India, we strive to listen, to learn and to evolve in sync with the customer’s needs.

Exhibit : What expectations do Indian customers have from Dell? How do you make sure to meet those expectations?alen-jose-qoute
AJ : India is a diverse market with unique technology requirements in different parts of the country. We are seeing that in Tier 3 to Tier 5 cities and towns, the number for first-time buyers of technology is growing exponentially. These consumers are investing their trust and look for a brand that will help them in their maiden technological journey. We believe in listening to the needs and requirements of our customers. Through continuous product innovation and an ever evolving mechanism to converse with our users, we incorporate the needs of the consumer into our technology that enables a user to have a seamless experience, and to gain as much as possible from their device. Dell has been and continues to be viewed as one of the most trusted technology brands in the country.

Exhibit : What are your views on Digital India Initiative? And what are Dell India’s plans to contribute towards it?
AJ : Despite an understanding of the role that technology can play in the growth of an individual, and a keenness to be empowered by computing, India’s household PC penetration has stagnated by a little over 10 percent. To ensure that our citizens are aligned with the Centre’s cause of building a nation that is digitally enabled, it is necessary for each person to be able to utilize the personal computer as both, a tool for productivity as well as a resource to build knowledge and creativity. It is with this in mind that we are moving forward with the objective to build PC awareness and adoption in the market. We have launched Dell Aarambh, a PC for education initiative which focuses on introducing the personal computer into the life of an individual in their formative years in order to equip them with the right skill set to fit into a future ready India. Dell Aarambh will reach out to the teacher-parentstudent trio, enabling PC access and awareness among 100,000 teachers, 200,000 parents and 1 million students.

Exhibit : With a wide array of gadgets and technology trend, how do you plan to stay in wavelength with the way technology is developing?
AJ : Customers seek technology solutions which are intuitive and deliver a seamless experience. Insight about customer requirements is key to developing computing devices which are not simply gadgets, but technology companions in the lives of users. With this clear vision to complement our customers’ computing tasks, and the capability to innovate based on the unique needs of a variety of users, we have continuously built not only a loyal customer base, but customers who act as advocates for the brand. Technology cannot be viewed in isolation. Dell offers a trusted ecosystem with its robust service support, security solutions, and range of peripherals in order to deliver a complete experience. With this holistic experience, customers are able to find the answer to their needs in one place.

Exhibit : What all gadgets do you have in your personal collection? Any app that you are addicted to?
AJ : I use a Dell laptop for personal and professional use. As far as apps go, I mostly use news applications. On my PC, I use Magzter to read my favourite technology and automobile magazines.

Exhibit : Are you into gaming? Do you own a gaming laptop of Dell?
AJ : I was very enthusiastic about sports during my academic years, but as far as online gaming goes, I am in the process of building my skills in PC gaming with Xbox games becoming available on the Windows 10 Store. Once in a while, I also try my hand at gaming with my kids.alen-jose-qoute2

Exhibit : What do you think about the amalgamation between Fashion and Technology? Your views on Exhibit’s Tech Fashion Tour.
AJ : Technology for end users today is not limited to a device which fuels productivity. It is considered complementary to one’s personality. A wide array of sizes, colours and angles are now available to complement a user’s unique personality. Those working in harsh or hazardous work conditions need a sturdy form factor, a corporate honcho identifies with a metallic, slim device, whereas a young college student finds his/her companion in a large-screen, colourful device. One’s personal computer becomes a reflection of their personality, with users rating appearance among their priorities whilst purchasing a computing device, and further enhancing the appearance with accessories, covers, peripherals etc. The Exhibit Tech Fashion Tour is the right platform to showcase just how much technology has made its way into the user’s life. It goes to highlight how something as personal as fashion or style extends to the technology that an individual engages with on a daily basis.

Exhibit : According to you, how is fashion influencing the look of your laptops and gadgets?
AJ : Apart from convenience, style quotient has a lot to do with the way gadgets look today. In the past decade itself, we have witnessed a transformation from dark colours and bulky form factors to sleeker, stylish, colourful and softer looking technology devices. One’s device of choice is a style statement, and this features in a user’s personal choices.

Exhibit : Which gadget by Dell, according to you, is the most revolutionary till date and why?
AJ : The XPS 13 has been among the most revolutionary devices by Dell, where we were able to build a 13” inch laptop into an 11”form factor, without compromising on any performance or quality aspects. This device packed a stunning Quad-HD display, unprecedented battery life, and high performance into a compact device body. It was made available with the i7 processor with full performance capabilities. Multiple devices in the market currently do not come with this capability, given that some features are usually compromised in the process of building such a sleek device.

Exhibit : Would you give us a glimpse of the upcoming series by Dell?
AJ : There is a new series of laptops in the pipeline as part of which we will see the thinner bezel phenomenon making its way into the Dell’s flagship Inspiron range of consumer laptops.

Exhibit : The most inspirational quote you live by.
AJ : I believe that my greatest inspiration comes from within. Every morning, I wake up inspired to go out and do something new, and make a difference.

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