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Let\’s talk GAMING! Let\’s talk about the trend that\’s all hyped and blooming for the topmost place in the days ahead. Let\’s talk something about the gaming freaks, for the gaming freaks¦ by the gaming freaks PIXELTEK GAMING SOLUTIONS. Pixeltek that started as an outsourcing 3D graphics company catering to the international video games industry is today among the topmost names of the gaming world.Over the past year, Pixeltek has used its expertise in the Gaming world to pivot into the fast growing industry of Virtual Reality development. With the onset of devices such as the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, Pixeltek has seized the opportunity to become a leading player in this field.


Pixeltek was founded in in 2004, and started out as an outsourcing company that catered solely to the global video games industry. Since then Pixeltek worked with several leading developers and publishers around the world, for AAA and Indie titles across multiple consoles and platforms. Since its formation, Pixeltek has worked with several of the leading gaming companies in the world, and has provided 3D models for use in blockbuster titles such as Assassin\’s Creed: Bloodlines, Ghostbusters, Edge of Tomorrow, Godzilla, TimeShift, Gabriel Knight, Spellforce, and many more.


In the last year or so, Pixeltek has expanded to take on Virtual Reality development. Since VR development is similar in many ways to Game Development, Pixeltek had an early advantage in this field. The company is now pivoting from being solely an outsourcing company, to an all-encompassing digital/immersive media technology company. The roots are still firmly in the Gaming world, but it is further branching out into other streams of business and industries.

In the short span of a few months, Pixeltek has been able to land contracts with some of India\’s leading companies in the fields of Real Estate, Manufacturing and Hospitality, to create unique and immersive experiences that are used for sales and marketing tools for these companies. 

In Real Estate, they are creating fully immersive 3D walkthroughs of properties that are still under construction, allowing potential customers to view the properties, amenities and interiors almost as they will be in real life. By doing so, customers feel more comfortable about making such purchases as they know what they are getting. The immersive factor is something missing from traditional 2D walkthroughs, and adds a whole new dimension that was never before experienced.

Similarly, for its Hospitality clients, they are able to recreate sprawling hill side retreats that showcase the natural beauty of the surroundings, while at the same time showcasing amenities, and more importantly, the hotel rooms themselves. Certain aspects, such as the size of the room, the size of the bathrooms, balconies, etc., are best viewed through a device such as the Oculus, as it gives the customer a much better sense of space and size. As one of their clients noted, it\’s almost as good as being there yourself.

For their Manufacturing clients, Pixeltek  is showing a whole new way to show off a factory floor. Using unique voice over tours, a potential customer can get a complete audio visual tour of a factory, and at the same time learn about the processes and steps required in manufacturing the product. For certain industries dealing with sensitive environments, this tool is extremely beneficial as it places the user out of risk, and lets them view the interiors of a factory from the comfort of their own homes. This is indeed a game changer, and the uses for this kind of technology in the manufacturing space is limitless.


Pixeltek plans to expand its VR services into other sectors such as Healthcare, Education, and even Gaming, something the company already has plenty of experience with! The Oculus itself has not yet launched a consumer version, which is slated for a Q1 2016 release, but Pixeltek has already hit the ground running so that when the consumer version is released, they will have already delivered on several high profile projects.


At present, Pixeltek has a team size of 25 full time employees, and the team is consistently expanding. The management hopes to hit a team size of around 35 by the end of the year.


Founder Vitek Goyel was born in Mumbai, and educated in both the UK and USA. He formed Pixeltek on returning to India after completing his B.S. in Electronic Media, Arts and Communications from RPI in Troy, NY.

While he was still at RPI, Vitek\’s focus was mainly in Interactive arts, where he developed several unique interactive projects and installations. It was here that his love for interactive arts and media started. On returning to India, he decided to form Pixeltek to cater to the ever growing demand for high end 3D graphics for the gaming Industry. Since then, besides Pixeltek, Vitek has also played a key role in the US based company Phoenix Online Studios LLC where he is Vice President.

At Phoenix Online, Vitek has played a key role in production and is Executive Producer on several critically acclaimed games such as Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, Jane Jensen\’s Moebius, The Last Door, and most recently, the 20th anniversary remake of the cult classic Gabriel Knight:Sins of the Fathers.

Apart from Gaming and VR, Vitek is also a professional musician and is the frontman and principal songwriter for
Mumbai based alt-rock band Slow Down Clown. The band has toured several cities in India and their music is played regularly on Radio Channels such as Radio One, and their music videos air regularly on both VH1 and MTV Indies.

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