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Photographer of the month – RAHUL JHANGIANI

photographer of the month rahul jhangiani
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Popular and renowned celebrity photographer Rahul Jhangiani caught up with us this month to tell us about his story, his take on photography and his preferences in Tech. Read on to find out everything.

Exhibit: Describe your journey.
Rahul Jhangiani: Photography happened by accident. In college, in my free time, I started assisting one of India’s top renowned photographer Subi Samuel who was my neighbour and then turned into my mentor. What began as an experiment turned into a hobby and then into my passion. I later went to the UK to pursue my Masters in the same field and haven’t looked back since.

Exhibit: Describe your own photography style?
RJ: As a photographer, I get a creative kick by showcasing a complicated concept, a vision and background story all in a single frame while maintaining the aesthetics of it. Photography can be very intimate and personal. While it is technical in it’s own aspect, it’s amazing how much emotion and expression you can capture with one shot. My photography style is eyecatching yet very minimal and raw. I love to see the power of the subject when it’s not perfect.

Exhibit: Your diverse experiences with people you’ve shot so far.
RJ: It is refreshing to work with such diverse teams each day. Each magazine I have shot for came with a different concept in mind. To work with such geniuses and brainstorm on how to frame those concepts is something I enjoy thoroughly. Similarly, for celebrities and individuals, it has always been about identifying different moods, angles and personalities specific to them and then capturing the best of those on camera. You become absolutely nonjudgemental and creatively inspired by working with so many people on such a regular basis.

Exhibit: Process you follow for any photo-shoot.
RJ: It all begins with first understanding the shoot and then moves on to the most important thing- inspiration. Then referencing, research, meeting with the client, production team/stylists/art-director or whoever involved. By then you know what you’re expecting out of your images.

Exhibit: Rahul Jhangiani and Tech- how techy are you on a scale of 1-5?
RJ: I would say 4. I’ve been a tech geek ever since I was little. I would want to lay hands on everything new coming into the market, but nowadays with the rapid rate at which technology is changing, I have calmed down with my purchases. I still end up splurging ever now and then but I try to restrict to gadgets that I can actually use.


‘‘ Technology has made it easier but photography is still a combination of technique and creativity, and creativity cannot be entirely replaced by technology.


Exhibit: Technology’s influence on the field of photography.
RJ: At a time when digital image-making is more pervasive than ever before, photography has become the easiest. Ready-made filters and easy-to-use photoediting apps have made photography a hobby for everybody and a career for many. From the days spent on a single roll of film to now viewing the image instantly when shot, things have drastically changed and are getting more advance by the day. But as with more talent, there is also more clutter that has entered the market. Technology has made it easier but photography is still a combination of technique and creativity, and creativity cannot be entirely replaced by technology.

Exhibit: How is social media shaping photography?
RJ: Social media has changed the game entirely. It has lifted many barriers to entry for young photographers looking to kick-start their career and gain recognition. The best part, however, is that cultural ideas from different corners of the world are exchanged rapidly and inspiring works of art very quickly thus bringing more diversity to the art.

Exhibit: Importance of using good equipment for photography.
RJ: Good equipment is important, but what you do with your equipment is way more important. Photography is beyond just equipment, it is also about aesthetics and technique. I appreciate high end equipment but I am not dependent on it. My camera would obviously be the tool indispensable to me, that’s the least i require to capture images.

Exhibit: Photography trends in the next 5 years.

RJ: The trend I see is breaking the rules of photography. The rise of digitalism has seen a shift in the usual order of things. There’s no thread between their work and their photographic techniques are dynamic and multifaceted right from processing in the darkroom to embracing a digital aesthetic. The only rule is that there aren’t any. I also think that we’ll see more personal postproduction and the process to achieve this process is becoming much more easier.


  1. One photography trend you’re fixated on: Raw beauty portraits
  2. One classic or contemporary photograph that speaks to you: Herb Ritts ‘Supermodels’ – 1989
  3. Most useful smartphone app: Snapseed
  4. One unique gadget that you would love to own: ONDU Pinhole Camera
  5. Your inspiration: People
  6. Biggest Regret: Not buying a Leica M9 when it was on sale
  7. You’d tag her on a #WomenCrushWednesday: Irina Shayk
  8. Most costliest buy: Holographic Lens By Trippy Clip
  9. If not photography, then what: I would have been a pilot.
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