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Photographer Of The Month – AVINASH GOWARIKER

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Ex: You discovered your passion for photography very early in life and you haven’t stopped ever since. Can you tell us about your journey?AVINASH: I started off with a summer job of assisting my neighbor who was a photographer and that’s when I realized that it was the perfect profession for someone like me. And now here I am after almost 23 years in this field. I love my work.Ex: You have worked on a variety of genres ranging from portraiture, editorial and fashion to making film posters. Are the processes for each different? Which genre do you enjoy working on the most?AG: It is basically the same because in both the cases we are shooting people and I love shooting both. However, when you are shooting for films and celebrities, it is more face oriented whereas, while shooting for fashion and editorials, it is more creativity oriented. Shooting celebs is great. But I love the fact that when there is a non-celebrity shoot, the only thing that takes over is the creativity of the campaign.Ex: How, according to you, is technology shaping the field of photography with regards to the process of photography and post-production?AG: Yes, immensely. Technology is the biggest breakthrough and turn around in photography. The Digital revolution is the biggest boon to photography. Advances that have been made in photography are outstanding. Photography is no more only a creative field; it’s a balance between creativity and technology.avinash-quoteEx: ‘Avinash Gowariker and Tech’ – your view on this relationship?AG: I am an absolute Tech Freak! I am one of the photographers who embrace digital very easily and I just love technology. I keep on buying the latest gadgets; it maybe the new apple watch, new LED lights or some new camera equipment. All said and done, I love technology and I am amazed with the way it’s advancing.Ex: What trends do you see surfacing in the photography scene in the next 5 years? Where do you see it heading?AG: I do foresee shooting a lot without artificial lighting because now the cameras have become so good that you can do magic with very little light too, which is great. Earlier, because of low lighting situations, shooting was a problem. But, now everything has changed. I am looking forward to shooting with minimal lighting in the future.Ex: How important is using good equipment for photography? Which is the one photography equipment that is indispensible for you?AG: I think one of the most important things in whatever form is your LIVE ASSIST that helps you see exactly what you shot. It might be the monitor behind the camera or a laptop on which you view the picture. I think that has become a very important tool which helps you see what you shoot before going ahead with the next shot.Ex: Seeing in hindsight, what would you have done differently in your career?AG: I would have either done some formal education in the field of photography or better would have assisted a professional photographer for a while to learn the tricks of the trade.Ex: What advice would you like to give budding photographers wishing to delve into celebrity photography?AG: The one advice I would like to give all the budding photographers is – Understand the difference between good and bad. Have a clear thought process which helps you define the right from the wrong while you are shooting. Make sure you do your homework. A quote that I follow and wish every budding photographer follows is: I see God in all the instruments and mechanisms that work reliably.

Quick Q&A:

a) A gadget you swear by other than your laptop and smartphone: Apple Watchb) Most useful smartphone app: Snap Seedc) One unique gadget that you would love to own: Tesla Car, it’s beyond a car, it’s a gadget!d) One photography trend you’re fixated on: Shoot with minimal lighte) One photography cliché you keep yourself away from: Shoot with too many lightsf) Most costliest buy: Leica Camera Kit and my Lightsg) If not photography, then what: Cricket Commentatorh) One morning ritual: Newspapersi) Most coolest buy: My Leica Camera

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