Outlier Headphones for the Creative One’s by Creative

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Rating : 89/100Price : 4,831/-


  • Drivers – 32mm Neodymium
  • Frequency Response –20Hz ~ 22kHz
  • Impedance – 24ohms
  • Bluetooth Version – 4.1
  • HD Voice ready
  • Operating Range -10m / 33ft
  • Supports Micro SD and USB connectivity
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) pairing
  • Dual audio profile


The love affair between Audio and Creative is not only strong, but it has grown rapidly over the years. It has grown to such an extent, providing us the best in the department of Audio from speakers to microphones, lastly and not the least headphones. One such pair of headphones that grabbed my attention was the Creative Outlier and from there onwards, it was no turning back. What catches me by surprise builds my curiosity. So we gave it a test run and we’ll tell you why it impressed us. The moment Creative breaks my affair with the Outlier, is the point where I’ll make a purchase of the Outlier and I’ll give you all the reasons as well, to why you should purchase it as well without giving a second thought about it.DESIGN AND BUILD :It comes with a 0.86 inch OLED Display without touchscreen. Exposure towards direct sunlight makes the band lose its visibility. It doesn’t support any form of gestures so if you expect the band to come to light or perform a task by moving your wrist, you’re pdt_22474.1mistaken it wouldn’t. It comes with a button that is meant to be used to perform tasks and check all activities. Although its body is made of plastic, the quality of the band is good. The strap is made of soft rubber and doesn’t hurt the wrist neither does it leave any imprints of the band on the wrist. While wearing the band, it doesn’t feel heavy on the wrist and gives it a very stylish look. It comes with a single button at the right end to perform actions on the band. There are three charging points at the rear of the band which needs to be charged by pinning it to the dock which is the charging connector. There are three stainless studs for the band to make it fit your wrist. The band is water resistant only to an extent which isn’t a disappointment neither did the band let us down in any way The band is available under two variants white and dark blue.


It performed like a beast and exceeded my expectations. You can’t blame us for expecting, as Creative has a good reputation in the world of Audio. We’ve tested in both USB and Bluetooth modes. The better the output in your device the better the music will be provided by Outlier. We’ve tried songs like Gerua from Dilwale and Shankara from Hilight Tribe. It didn’t only provide a powerful punch but the clarity was breath-taking. The buzz and vibrations turned me into an Outlier. Then going to the notifications part, you need to install an App Buddy which is available on the Play and App store as well. All you need to do is sync which apps you want to be notified, from a list of options on Buddy. Boy oh Boy, it was like Siri talking, which was crystal clear and it notified immediately. When I say Siri, it doesn’t mean it does tasks. You bet? I wished the same. With HD voice calls feature integrated, the call quality was top notch and a soft spoken person could be heard clearly without any interruptions. It was quick to connect to Bluetooth, although NFC- being enabled. Through micro SD card, music could be heard and played as expected. Whenever connected through different mediums, it passed all tests and provided seamless music.It does provide 10 hrs of battery life, now surely you can’t ask for something more than that. The Outlier also takes cares of your health which comes with Built in Pacer mode to track your total elapse time while doing your physical activities like cycling, running and working out. Don’t only listen to music wirelessly but the Outlier will take care of your health as well. It creates an optimal listening environment whilst avoiding the total detachment from the surroundings let it be in the gym or on streets.


I was particularly impressed with the Outlier and under 5K it surely makes a best buy. At an affordable price, you’re getting a lightweight, stylish, compact pair of headphones, which doesn’t only give you an amazing bass, also it provides music with so much of clarity and takes care of your health as well. We wouldn’t expect anymore as it provides everything. Now would you ever want to part ways with the Outlier? I’m sure you wouldn’t and this should be included in your cabinet. Don’t hesitate and click the link below if you want to purchase it, as they’re the most versatile set of headphones. 


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