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Netflix. Hotstar. Amazon Prime. There are more sources of entertainment, but amid all such tantalising OTT (Over the Top) platforms, do we actually care about watching television any longer? During the recent ‘Leaders In Tech Dinner’ organised by Exhibit Magazine at The St. Regis, we had a panel discussion chaired and moderated by our Editor-In-Chief and founding publisher Ramesh Somani. During the discussion, other panelists Neeraj Roy, MD, Hungama Digital and Rishi Malhotra, cofounder and CEO of Jio Saavn, voiced their opinion on the popularity of these (OTT) platforms.

Leaders in Tech


Technically speaking, television has always been used as a synonym for idiot box. I am sure many of us can relate with the same, and recall our childhood days when we were rebuked by our mums to be exposed to the idiot box more. In today’s time daily soap operas are available on streaming apps like Hotstar, where if you have an assured internet connection, you are good to go. These streaming apps have made prices quite affordable and people would obviously bend towards these streaming apps more than relying on the local cable television provider.


Considered the current scenario, it may be well stated that the upcoming days are a little cloudy for television. The electronic market is a bullish one, however in order to stay ahead of the curve, it is essential to bring about the necessary changes and continuously bring about updates. As we know that content is king, special efforts must benefit the consumers. Remember soap operas like ‘Humlog’ and ‘Buniyad’? How very relatable were they? It is of utmost importance for television to come up with better options that would be convenient for the user to watch. Failure to do so might invite cloudy days for the television industry as a whole. A sight all of us would want to avoid.


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